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My Profs Died!

One of the two Nobel Prize winners who taught me graduate economics just died at the age of 102.

The good die young, so I sort of expect anyone associated with me to live forever.

Dr. Coase left the University of Virginia just a year before he would have been fired.  The new Dean had said repeatedly over the years that when he became Dean he would “clean out that nest of right-wingers in the Economics Department.”

You know all that crap you hear about Academic Freedom?  It never even occurred to anybody that a tenured professor with heretical  Politically Incorrect views could not be gotten rid of ASAP.

My other prof who later won a Nobel Prize got booted by that Dean.  He was James M. Buchanan.

He died this year at the tender age of 93.

The good die young, but these good men’s association with me probably bought them a lot of extra time.

This is the only place you will read about this violation of so-called Academic Freedom, so I thought I’d let you know.




The Nine Commandments

Someone gave a link to a site about Dante’s Inferno, and the first and only thing I read in it was “the nine circles of Hell.”    If you went to a link defining the Commandments and it referred to the Nine Commandments I doubt you would read any further either.

“Why is this disinformation produced?”   I didn’t bother to find.  Have they repealed the Tenth Circle for traitors, or the First Circle, where Virtuous Pagans are not actually tortured?Image Hosted by

That would make the title of Solzhenitsyn’s book, the First Circle, a bit off.

I don’t care.  There is plenty of internet crap where they simply repeal inconvenient facts.  In the Wikipedia version of Zoroaster, it declares his a false religion, that ancient Persia had no effect whatever on Jewish and Christian doctrine, and Z was absolutely sixth century BC, which Christians declare because the first record of Jewish monotheism is seventh century BC.

The BBC version of Zoroaster dates him from 1200 BC or up to a thousand years before.   This would mean that Cyrus, “who did the Lord’s work” for the Jews is likely to have introduced them to monotheism in the form of Zoroastrianism.

My essential point is that one simply cannot use the internet without having “Why is this information produced?” firmly and constantly in mind.

The days of just quoting some source are over.