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Stupidity Has Always Been A Capital Crime

That is a quote from Larry Niven, who has used it in many of his science fiction books.

I will now proceed to alienate some of our most fervent supporters, who can go over and give money to some membership outfit, by saying this:

“The Boers deserve everything that happens to them, and more.”

When I tried to talk to them about what would happen if they abandoned their pro-white stand, the big point they made was that their soccer teams could go international.

I ask commenters, what few there are left, not to tell me that proves how right I was.Image Hosted by

Why I keep repeating it for is in the hope that some commenter will cut the Stormfront crap and realize that the Boere were stupid, and stupidity has always, since the days of the dinosaur and before, been a capital offense.

They trusted their old Afrikaaner leaders.  Their old Afrikaaner leaders were betraying them, but even the ones who voted against the fatal change refused to rebel against treason.

I was talking to someone about our victory in the other side’s no longer using the term “anti-racist.”   He said he had seen it used.   I asked him if he had called for a Swarm against it.  He replied that he was one of those who just didn’t get around to the Swarm a lot.

I didn’t say it, but my reaction was, “Then go f… yourself!”

Back here on Planet Earth, you do it or you don’t do it.


Your explanations mean absolutely nothing to reality, and they mean absolutely nothing in reality.

The only difference is no one expects reality to listen to them.  I would appreciate the same courtesy.

Stupidity has always been a capital offense.