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Fifteen Years! Whew!

On this date in 1998 WhitakerOnline got started.

On this date in 1861 a lesser event got started at Fort Sumter.

We are not really prepared for any kind of celebration because, as White Rabbit just reminded me, we are each an army of one.

To give the first example that occurs to me, when a BUGSER calls for a Swarm, your job is not to comment on it or moan at how few do.   It is simply:  a) you hit that site, a minute’s work or, 2) You DON’T.Image Hosted by

Good BUGSERS make lousy Celebrators.

We don’t spend endless time planning for The Days, be it a celebration or a Torchlight Parade.

We don’t listen for plaudits.   You will feel that “Well done” from your insides that no Rally can provide.

We also don’t make a fetish out of “I don’t need praise.”

All humans need recognition.  But you had better treasure it when I give you a good word, because it is a rare thing.

But for us Aryans, with our natural self-criticism and overactive consciences:   If I think you did it wrong, I will spare no words, and I fully expect that when my criticism is unfair, you will tell me in plain language where I can put it.

The next question is do I face another fifteen years dealing with you turkeys or do I jump off the top of this high-rise?