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The Descent Into Hell As Anti-White Strategy

White Genocide moved to a higher level early today at the Washington Navy Yard. The identified murderer, Aaron Alexis, likely did not have a clue about the role the anti-Whites have enabled him to play. Earlier this year a similar atrocity revolved around Christopher Jordan Dorner who killed innocents after nursing a grudge about being fired from the LAPD. The 2010 Hartford Distributors massacre followed the same racial trajectory with Omar Sheriff Thornton angered for being terminated because he stole beer by the case. The pattern is obvious. Image Hosted by

What these Blacks have in common is a sense of entitlement to the jobs that they have lost. Affirmative Action raises people above their level of competence. When they cannot be carried any more they have been taught to blame White Privilege. Using this crutch some small number of the emotionally weak can be relied upon to spread terrorism on the basis of Race.

The disruption of society lowers the cohesion of a people. Fear spreads. Uncertainty preys on the spirit. Birth rates plummet. The Convention against Genocide outlaws: “(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group.” Disrupting the good order of society is a conscious tactic of anti-Whites.

Things have not reached what South African Whites are subjected to, but America is inching closer with each horrific incident. The long term goal is the elimination of the White race. But the steps towards it are small and taken on many paths. You can launch a counter attack by posting the Mantra today.

To defeat anti-Whites the public will have to understand the purpose behind the changes forced upon Americans and Europeans by a hostile elite. Only the Mantra boils the facts down to a palatable tonic that works in technology of today. We are fighting a long term battle, Daily we see the results of the long term strategy of anti-Whites. The Mantra is the battle plan of the counterrevolution.


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The Renaissance Myth

I have said at length, in our age nothing changes faster than history.

After recent advances and discoveries the only reason people aren’t laughing and pointing at historians is because The Silence covers the total idiocy that they preached just a generation back.

So, as I sort of predicted the Twin Towers and Obama and such things, let me tell you something else that will be the Zowie of writers at some future date.Image Hosted by

We are taught that our forefathers never bathed and lingered in caves all through the Middle Ages, and then came The Renaissance.

We are taught that during this glorious Renaissance scholars discovered Classical Writers and, reading Aristotle and Galen and so forth, we began to emerge from the Caves of Darkness into the glorious New World that existed in the Middle East.

The above paragraph is an exact description of what my generation was taught. The only thing that shocks one is that I repeat it so baldly. It is such utter crap that the only way The Silence can ignore it is by never saying it.

The above is what Marxism and Modern Thought were all based on. It is what the New Black History is based on. All the Egyptians were “African,” black-skinned, and everything came from Egypt.

But at the very moment they are recoloring the Egyptians, the whole history they are reciting, all came from Egypt, has been so discredited that The Silence cowers even mentioning it.

The historical WOW that will come is when the full implications of the Renaissance Myth are put together.

Not only did Western Civilization NOT come from discovering Classical Writings, but every single advance in our thought, from medicine to math to engineering, has had to beat down a solid wall of Galen’s Medicine and Aristotle’s bullshit.