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Recruits Look for Medals, Vets Fight the War

In becoming a  veteran in any kind of combat two stages are a part of the process:

1) You adapt to actual fighting conditions; then

2) AFTER 1)

You adapt the conditions to you.

In the first shock you realize that you are alone.   The guys beside you are moving, and you may lose them.   Then you’re dead.

It is nothing like the textbooks, which see that the Third Regiment is moving in so and so direction.

You don’t see any Third Regiment.   You see soldiers to your right and left who are on your side and you hear the deadly stuff coming from the other side.    All the training in the world, at least back in my lifetime, doesn’t make you a member of the Third Regiment in that first real engagement.

“In my day.”Image Hosted by

Young guys tell me modern Regular Army Training has performed wonders in this direction, but what you and I are engaged in here is more like the old stuff.   When SPLC hit, I was totally discombobulated at first because I didn’t know how far they would go and many of us are still adjusting to the shock of that first engagement.

And, of course, we have the total difference in the mentality of those who theorize about the struggle and the outlook of those who get out there and RAID! regularly.

Since we have such a combination of experience and theory, newbies and old hands, it is hard for me to make a general recommendation about varying the Mantra.  Newbies need to stick monomaniacally to it until they REALLY know how to gage RESULTS.

And to REALLY learn that RESULTS are not “winning arguments.”

That “Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White” sign led to newsworthy gathering where anti-whites won all the arguments, because only they were allowed to argue.

But the sign started to put an end to the free and easy use of the word “anti-racist,” one of their major weapons.   It did not “win an argument” or make one of us look like a Respectable Hero, it was a major step in pulling the anti-whites’ very false teeth.

Newbies look for medals.  Veterans look to their part in winning the war.