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Some Physics Without the Arithmetic

We exist in a four-dimensional solid block.

We only LIVE because we can move in three of those dimensions, but the fourth one, time, only allows us to move within it at a certain, unchanging speed.

Before you say this sounds New Age or philosophical, let me hasten to point out that it is not only the basis of Einsteinian Theory, but it is also the basis of C.S. Lewis’s theology.  There is not a radical word in it.Image Hosted by

This four-dimensional picture is solid and conservative.   It is AFTER we accept it and start babbling conclusions that we begin sounding like Aristotle at his dumbest talking about why women are born to have less teeth than men.

There was an interesting overlap between Einstein’s four-dimensional physics and C.S. Lewis’ use of it for theology when Einstein attacked quantum physics by saying that “God does not play dice with the universe.”

Quantum physics said that the tiniest particles in our universe pop back and forth from out a four-dimensional box into other four-dimensional regularly, but so many of them do it that statistically our universe remains stable.

But if you admit this, you are saying that there are other universes for these particles to pop in and out of.   Einstein calls this THE universe, the universe of which his God is the master.

String theory has come along to reconcile quantum physics and Einsteinian physics.   I am not about to try to explain THAT until I understand it.

And I have my doubts about string theory for reasons that have nothing to do with the math all this is cloaked in.

I suspect string theory BECAUSE it so conveniently bridges the gap between Relativity and Quantum Theory.   I doubt seriously whether anybody else would imagine such a thing.


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