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The 4-D Box is Man’s Next Step From the Center of the Universe

Galileo put together a device, the telescope, already used in Northern Europe, as was the microscope, and looked through it.   He brought it to Rome and so he “invented” it.

He was condemned because the Catholic Church, like all religion, put man, and therefore man’s home planet at the center of the universe.

What should have been an abstract discovery became an epochal battle, and it was summed up this way:   Religion Versus Reality.    For the sophisticated, Reality was now at the center of the universe, not man and his planet.

Now we have accepted this Reality versus Religion to the extent that even the Pope now wonders if there is other life in the universe.   Everybody put Reality at the center of the universe.

But what we see as reality is OUR reality.   It is Reality which only exists if you are in this particularly four-dimensional block, observing from inside three dimensional as your being proceeds with absolute consistency through a fourth dimension, time.

The telescope put us in our place as one small planet in a universe of soar systems and galaxies.   So we began to think, “Is there life o other planets?”

Now with the 4-D box we naturally wonder “Would an observer in another box be like us?”

And lose themselves in speculation.

But if you stick to the basic question, you don’t get confused:

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Speculations about other realities are as important as the temperature of Neptune.  It has its place.

But the essential question is always the same : “is any feeling being benefited?  Is any feeling being hurt?”

That is my final version of Reality.