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“Don’t Mention Me to Iglis Pop”

No, I have no idea who Iglis Pop might be.

But I get a few, a very few, reports from BUGSERS who are doing things.  Then they tell me that so and so said something.

And for me not to mention it to whoeverthehell they’re talking about.

That’s the safest bet you ever made.   Not only will I not mention it, I have no idea what you’re talking about, but if it makes you feel good to vent to me, I’m here for you.

I am NOT making fun of you.  It is just that my only focus, honed for some sixty years, is how we are affecting opinion that rules the world.   It happens that I am the only expert on earth on exactly how affecting that opinion works.Image Hosted by

After all those years in the wilderness, you cannot easily imagine what a glory it is for me to hear your debating over how to use the Mantra, what BUGS should allow, and so forth.

I GLORY in it, like a man who has been deaf cannot get over the simple fact that he can HEAR music.

The last thing Ole Bob is is a cynical old expert who is looking down on all this mere babble of yours.

No way, Jose.  No one knows more clearly than I do that you are the only important people on this planet today.

But after all those years of Silence, let me revel in the glorious feeling that you are HERE, that you are burning the torch I spent so many years trying to light.

My take is that you are so into it, so busy talking about each other that you cannot take a deep breath, step back, and empathize with me about finally having an “each other” to talk about!

I was at sea in that lonely lifeboat for a long, long time.

Let me glory in the fact that your ship has found me.