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Nazis and Klansmen and Lions and Tigers and Bears!

No one should move from the Mantra until he has EXPERIENCE.

And then the danger is that a person will decide he is so experienced he ends up goofing all over the place lines he has made up and sound good.

Being a BUGSER asks a lot of a person, they must carefully move out a bit if they find they can do it, but they have to do it very carefully and every observantly.

This is hard.

This is RARE.

There will never be a lot of real BUGSERS.

All this having been said, ONCE AGAIN, there is another meme that is dying to get out.

Most of us have no use for any kind of dictatorship and we know the consequences of membership in pro-white organizations.   The difference is that when we know something, we don’t settle for it. Image Hosted by

Back when the left was subject to this kind of Terror, they kept pointing out that if anybody who talked about income distribution was called a Red, then eventually the Reds would take over all dissent.

If they keep screaming Nazi and Klan at anybody who opposes them, then the white race will fade away silently, or you will end up creating a new Taliban, where all those who don’t want the white race to disappear are finally convinced that terror and swastikas are not only permissible, but are all they can do.

As the liberals said, deal with the reasonable people while we’re still here!

Try it, put it to them. Learn how to handle it.