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Status Quo Ante

After these heated exchanges, it is time for us to ask, just as we did right after the SPLC crisis, “What just happened?”

One of the comments to my last article was “I do have a problem with the man who convinced me that the situation was not hopeless just walking away.”

Despite what I said, in the real world, that is the least of your problems. One of my big problems is that you know very well that I will die loyal, actively loyal, to our race. Being taken for granted makes it too easy to ignore any discipline I try to impose.

Having been taken for granted, I am also supposed to be “nice.”


Nice in BUGS, where our idea of being pleasant is charging into a site where a pleasant discussion of Bugs Bunny cartoons is going on and bombarding it with hard politics?

I am NOT trying to train our people to be NICE. This is gladiator training, where we take people from “nice” membership outfits and turn them into interrogators, attackers, the guys that scare the lions.

The good thing that seems to have come out of this fit of mine is that we MAY get back to those of you with experience calling down the ones who go sailing away on their own verbiage.

I SAW us going national. Seeing a forward movement, as a good officer, I looked at what we had blasted away and what they were falling back on. After all these years!

They have dropped back from “racism” and hide behind “Hate” and “Diversity.”Image Hosted by

So we go after Hate and Diversity, right?

No, though the reports desperately avoided “Racism,” commenters said it meant nothing.

Other commenters say they already “took care of that” by denouncing Diversity before.

Of course I blew my stack!

I have been dealing with stumbling blind crap like that for almost twenty years, and here it is AGAIN.


OK, status quo ante, all is as it was.

Except that maybe, just maybe, you will consider my strategy before you you repeat all the SF crap.

Yes, we can win, but we have to stop repeating the same mistakes in different language.



BUGS Must Continue

The reaction to my proposal to close down the SEMINAR led to the nearest thing we have had to a SEMINAR in a long time.

No, I am not going to abandon BUGS, but the pretense of a seminar.

The immediate practical problem is that no one else will put his name on it but me.

I use HD here because he gave the whole thing a lot of thought and what he says capsulizes in his different entries what I got from commenters as a whole.

If I understand HD, 1) I should not lose my temper, 2) BUGS has had no effect whatsoever on the term “anti-racist” and he did learn a lot back when we WERE a seminar.

My basic observation was that we had done a job on “anti-racist” so we should look at the other verbal fortresses the other side has retreated behind, like “Diversity,” fire at them and see if we can make them as sensitive to those terms as we have to anti-racist.

The answers I get are that there must be no change, that we have had no effect on anti-racist and Bob is not being nice.

My only function is to use my name here.

I can do my writing in Bob’s Meanderings.



Time to End the Seminar

Ten years ago I was trying to get a disciplined pro-white approach. We evolved from WOL to BUGS.

Pro-whites had spent endless resources and were visibly dying out.

Those who insisted on the old method had two consistent arguments that kept them in control even when a handful of BUGSERS got national news coverage.

First, my advocacy of fixing on target and using repetition was mentally asphyxiating.

Second, they were Telling the Whole Truth.

The repetition method has made its mark. But BUGS is now increasingly off on a “This is too intellectually limiting” kick which is very, very familiar.

Third, what started out as mini Mantras has become simply the old Stormfront writing whatever makes you feel good crap.

After tens of thousands of repetitions we have blasted the term “anti-racist” to hell.

Having done one things as I knew we could, I was idiot enough to hope that we might follow up that win. I noticed the words they are now hiding behind, “diversity” and “Hate.”

Once again, nobody notices a victory in a national dialogue unless it is succeeded by a Torchlight Victory Parade.

One commenter said he had been attacking diversity for two years, “With great results!”

Then why is the enemy using that word specifically and repeatedly to hide behind?

I may be trying to fight Reality. A band of disciplined warriors going from target to target is a lot to ask. After all, the alternative is having somebody say what you want to hear, as your tiny group shrinks to nothing.

I have always been ready to stick with a winning strategy, but not when it becomes impossible.

In fact, far more has been accomplished in real political warfare than anyone but me could possibly imagine. We CAN make national breakthroughs, a handful of people breaking into national news.

We have demonstrated that a huge constituency is afraid to speak out.Image Hosted by

But this effort is coming apart, and I can see it.

I miss the old Whitaker Online where I just gave my opinions, while I drifted in the direction that would lead to BUGS. But from all I can tell, and please remember, seeing this kind of reality is my specialty, BUGS, as a seminar is over.

“We mentioned Diversity two years ago,” “I think I’ll just take my toys and go home and say it’s all the Jews’ doing,” “I said such and such and it really impressed ’em,” and so forth.

I tried it and it worked. When things get a lot worse and people need some results instead of paying people to say what they want to hear, someone can pick it up.

But I am not about to start again to convert the New Stormfronters.

So my proposal is that I go back to Whitaker Online.

Until you understand what our little but NATIONAL steps forward meant, I simply do not have the energy to go back to basics AGAIN.

I propose that Bob’s Underground Graduate SEMINAR is over. It did more than any seminar before it ever did, but it really is time to move on.



Diversity is a Code Word for Anti-White

I just talked about how to deal with another of their weapons, the Hate label.Image Hosted by

Hate is a Hate Word: It just says “Shoot the messenger.”

“Racist” is a Hate Word. It just says “Shoot the messenger.”

Their present retreat is behind the word “Diversity.”

There is no reason, except the lack of workers, why we should not repeat the Mantra as is with only this change at the end:

“Diversity is a code word for anti-White.”

The whole discussion leads as naturally to that conclusion as it does to “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”



Please Keep It Interesting — Please Read Again, There is an Extension

There was news of a Birmingham TV station that had a broadcast about one of our people putting up one sign.

Thus endeth my interest in the day.Image Hosted by

Someone is writing me about some “concern” over a BUGS trend or anti-white thread or something.

Other people ask me how I am.

Here is how I am: I have been at this almost daily for over fifteen years.

The message getting out there is my ONLY interest.

If you feel slighted, go away. I have made it clear and you have seen how suicidal it is to coddle TTGHs.

One sign, combined with a call to a TV station before they take it down, has so far gotten us some publicity.

One person bothered to tell me about it.

I am not angry or bitching. I am simply very, very preoccupied.

I am, honestly, old and tired and disabled and simply have no interest in other things besides DOING something about the survival of my race.


The one sign that one BUGSER put up in that one place got a local report and network repeat.

The Birmingham report included a black reporter who said that the public she had asked about the sign agreed with it!

There was an ABC report on it. They just said it was HATE!

The ABC report got about 500 thumbs up to 100 thumbs down.

On that word Hate, if I had some workers, we would have some fun.

They would go to each site and pick someone — let’s call him X — who expressed ANY opinion, on ANY subject. They would simply say, “X, that’s HATE!”

But MY workers would then have the discipline to simply LEAVE.

They might later get a yuck out of going back and seeing what if any reply X made, but they would stay mute.

This wouldn’t be hard intellectual work, like putting in mini-Mantras.

And you wouldn’t have to dodge the bots as you did with Mantra stuff.

But then again, getting bots onto “Hate!” might make it harder for anti-whites to use Hate as an answer to anything they don’t agree with.

And who knows, we might find some guidance in how people who express an opinion on the latest cartoons deal with the word “HATE!” coming out of nowhere at them the way it does at us.