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BUGS Must Continue

Posted by Bob on October 29th, 2013 under Comment Responses

The reaction to my proposal to close down the SEMINAR led to the nearest thing we have had to a SEMINAR in a long time.

No, I am not going to abandon BUGS, but the pretense of a seminar.

The immediate practical problem is that no one else will put his name on it but me.

I use HD here because he gave the whole thing a lot of thought and what he says capsulizes in his different entries what I got from commenters as a whole.

If I understand HD, 1) I should not lose my temper, 2) BUGS has had no effect whatsoever on the term “anti-racist” and he did learn a lot back when we WERE a seminar.

My basic observation was that we had done a job on “anti-racist” so we should look at the other verbal fortresses the other side has retreated behind, like “Diversity,” fire at them and see if we can make them as sensitive to those terms as we have to anti-racist.

The answers I get are that there must be no change, that we have had no effect on anti-racist and Bob is not being nice.

My only function is to use my name here.

I can do my writing in Bob’s Meanderings.

  1. #1 by The Asgardian known as Michael on 10/29/2013 - 12:23 pm

    Racist…not used much anymore.

    Anti racist…getting there.

    Ive got no problem changing things up.

    I do however have a problem with the man that showed me that we arent doomed walking away.

    Thanks bob 🙂

  2. #2 by -frank- on 10/29/2013 - 1:15 pm

    It’s time to leverage one of the favorite terms used by anti-Whites for our own purposes. They seem to be focusing now on “Denialism” as a trope to be used against us. We are “Deniers” if we don’t think and do just as the little Dictators tell us to think and do.

    (Here is an example of how some anti-Whites use “denialism”, in particular the text below the video. Don’t watch the video without a barf-bag nearby.

    Note that the idea isn’t to delegitimize their use of “denial”, but to turn it into an aggressive form of discourse to achieve the effect the Mantra does. We accuse them of denying anti-whiteness, the anti-white narrative, and especially accuse them of denying White Genocide.

    Here are some examples.

    “White Genocide Denialism”
    “Anti-Whiteism Denial”
    “In denial that the anti-White narrative is everywhere demonizing White children”
    “White Homeland Denialism”
    “White History Denial”
    “White Culture Denial”

    (Note, I’m moving ahead and not obsessing about whose name is on the header of BUGS. But I DO like that little professor guy wielding a stick!)

    • #3 by Jason on 10/29/2013 - 6:46 pm

      I’m gonna have to think about this one. Like I said on the other thread, Anti-Whites are not really in denial about White Genocide, because they know full well that they are promoting it. Now, if you are using the term as a propaganda point, it might work, but we need to be careful.

      Franz Boaz wasn’t in any kind of denial about putting programs in place to destroy Whites.

      White Genocide is not a natural event, it is caused by policies, very deliberately. This makes it different than say, “global warming”, which if real, could be said to be the result of policies, but no one set out to warm up the earth, it was just a byproduct.

      But White Genocide is not a byproduct, it IS the goal, the fully conscious goal of Anti-Whites.

      Now, the use of the term “denier” or “denial” could be useful in some propaganda sense because it is so widespread. I just want to be very careful about letting Anti-Whites off the hook. They aren’t merely in denial about some event they are witnessing, they are actively participating in the destruction of Whites.

  3. #4 by -frank- on 10/29/2013 - 1:23 pm

    PS: As for Bob being “nice”, or not …

    If Bob were “nice”, he wouldn’t have achieved what he has.

    I don’t want “nice”, I want a group of evil bastards who want to fight and do damage.

    If Bob was “nice”, he’d be useless.

    Who are these crazies who think a warrior should be “nice”?

    Thank God Bob isn’t “nice”!

  4. #5 by -Gar5- on 10/29/2013 - 2:42 pm

    So Bob, what you are upset about is what we are loading into the cannons that we’re firing at the diversity fortress?

    You asked for results about the phrase we’ve used “Diversity is a codeword for White genocide”.

    Well I’m not going to waste your time by posting links to endless conversations, I’m going to tell you some of my experiences that I’ve had on the battlefield with anti-Whites over the last few years:

    1. They deny White genocide.
    2. They deny Diversity means getting rid of Whites.
    3. They justify White genocide.
    4. They call me names or try to silence me.

    I am open to using: “Diversity is a codeword for anti-White.”

    I admit if we use that phrase it is easier to squeeze under the anti-Whites noses. A lot of people squirm at the phrase “White genocide”, but it is a lot easier for them to accept “Anti-White” as part of every day speech.

    Is this your reasoning as well Bob?

    As for the seminar being full of recruits…I think I see the problem here, we need a place for recruits.

    I have tried to sort this situation out, I made the “are you new to Bugs Swarm” thread, and in Bugs Buddy I included a Whitakerisms section, but it seems that hasn’t really helped.

    We need to sit and work out just what this site is meant to function as. Is it a seminar? Is it a recruit station? Is it the war room?

    At the moment we are all of those.

    Bob, I recommend that you move all of your advanced writings into a section called “The Seminar” for advanced Bugsters, and write what you want to write. You will get less replies, but they will surely be better quality.

    The goal of the Seminar is to make leaders, yes? Separate the grain from the chaff.

    On the front page of Bugs we could have a Question and Answer post for recruits where we can help the battle newcomers.

  5. #7 by -frank- on 10/29/2013 - 3:37 pm

    Gar5, correct me if I misinterpret, but are you suggesting that new recruits not yet out of boot camp should be DIRECTED to the next stage of training via the DESIGN of the site, rather than immediately dumped into the same space the Officer and Staff are developing weapons and designing strategies to deploy them?

    If so, I concur.

    Not there aren’t some recruits who aren’t able to benefit from advanced training, but if the site was designed so they had to go there when they felt ready, rather than dealing with Basic Training first …. that might solve some issues.

    • #8 by -Gar5- on 10/29/2013 - 3:49 pm

      Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

      Because it’s my idea, I will have a go at writing a recruits article. Like the “Are you new to Bugs Swarm” article I wrote years ago, but I will try and make it more about Mantra thinking.

    • #9 by Jason on 10/29/2013 - 7:05 pm

      New guys need to post the Mantra and approved Minis about 1,000 times in a very structured way. Doing that was the best thing for me. Anything that lead new people in that direction would be great.

  6. #10 by -frank- on 10/29/2013 - 3:43 pm

    Sorry, that last paragraph was “twerked” out of shape and I cannot edit it. Should read:

    Not that there aren’t some recruits who aren’t able to benefit from advanced training, but if the site was designed so recruits had a homepage that was more about BASICS and guidance (like your BBuddy stuff), and could only access the advanced training stuff later as they felt ready … that might solve some issues.

    Per Bob’s insistence on “sticking to Basics”, the homepage should present all who first arrive at the homepage with Basics, and then have links to the more subtle and challenging stuff available, but not on the front page.

  7. #11 by The Old Man of the Mountain on 10/31/2013 - 2:41 pm

    I believe that “anti-racist” is damaged.

    I believe “multiculturalism” is damaged.

    I believe that “diversity” is damaged.

    I believe that we should not let up on the barrage!

  8. #13 by Henry Davenport on 11/01/2013 - 10:33 pm

    “White supremacist” is a hate word that anti-whites hide behind to carry out White Genocide

    I’m too sleepy to do it properly right now, but I think we should set up separate threads for suggestions of attacks we can carry out against the terms “White supremacist,” “hate,” and “multiculturalism/diversity.”

    Some thought should go into the names of the threads, and the names should all be of the same form.

    Maybe: Attacks against the term “White supremacism,” “Attacks against the word “hate,” and, Attacks against the terms “diversity/multiculturalism.”

    • #14 by Henry Davenport on 11/01/2013 - 10:35 pm

      If no one else does it first, or suggests better names, I’ll start those threads tomorrow.

      • #15 by Henry Davenport on 11/01/2013 - 10:38 pm

        Nuts, I thought I was posting these on the Jimmy Marr thread. It doesn’t matter.

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