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Bob’s Different World

My last article revealed the fact  I have worked with over half a century:

The people on the magazine covers have nothing to do with the future of the real world.

Today we would say that the YTs with hundreds of millions of  views have nothing to do with the real future.

I started the process of learning to think this way over fifty years ago, when the Important People had their pictures on the covers of Time Magazine, so it is real fun to watch you run into it for the first time.

The whole point of the article was that Important People do NOT determine our future. Your responses were all about how awful Important People are, how they are traitors, and how this may force the Important People to lead us in a different direction.Image Hosted by

The center of your universe is Important People. You have no idea yet of what the world looks like when you get over the idea that the people at the center of your world all your life are not central to what happens in your world.

It reminds me of the college freshmen who came from their Bible Belt homes, listened to Mommy Professor, and became Instant Atheists. For someone like me whose background was as Bible Belt as they come, their idea of atheism was hilarious.

We used to say, “Freshmen tend to be socialists and atheists.”

We had our agnosticism, but the freshman-Mommy Professor version was childish.

When these Mommy Professor “atheists” talked, you could hear their religion in every word they said. They still took a loving and sadistically punishing God for granted. They spoke in Truths that, for a real atheist, would have to come from nowhere.

In Western Europe after World War II every historically Catholic country outside Ireland had a  huge Communist  percentage. To us the reason was as obvious as the freshmen’s undigested atheism: Catholics who went radical replaced the Church with the Party, the Book of God with the Book of Marx.

So the concept that Important People do NOT rule what we seek to rule is impossible to adjust to instantly. I have lived with that concept for over half a century. It affects absolutely everything about how you view the world.

The seminar is over.

It’s World View time.



Mantra Thinking: Important People Don’t Matter

You who promote important ideas are not replaceable.

But all of the famous people you know about and read about have no importance.

One real irony about Wordism is that those who are well known under any form of Wordism are exactly the same individuals who would be in the same position in any alternative Wordist system.

We all know that the guys doing the beating and torturing with a hammer and sickle on the wall are exactly the same guys who would be doing the beating and torturing if there were a swastika on the wall or a Cross of the Inquisition.

Everyone will agree with that–as usual–that is where the thinking stops.

The excitement stops with the Secret Police, so everyone will be interested in that.

But the fact is that the same people who are in Congress would be the same ones who would be in a Reichstag voting Hitler into power or in the Soviet Congress, holding up their Party badges with the rest.Image Hosted by

The Nazis used to say that once they conquered the USSR they should hire Stalin, because he knew what to do to Slavs who disobeyed him.

If you were in charge of an Apartheid America, the man to keep your Black Population in line would be an Obama.

This is why it is so ridiculous for any intelligent person to think that power means that one associates with Important People.

If Important People made any difference to what form of government we have, they would not be so perfectly interchangeable from system to system.

Important People are Important People precisely because they are dedicated to getting this IP position and fame under ANY system.

So it follows that  Important People do not have real power.

This is what makes my place in the power structure utterly mysterious to damned near everybody.

While specialists write books about how people became Important, they know nothing about how the System their subjects are Important in actually came to be.

Nor do they need to.

Not a single Sovietologist suffered the least embarrassment that the entire system he had been given millions of dollars to know simply vanished without his noticing it.   They did what one does to be a top Sovietologist or any other kind of top Intellectual.

Important People do not matter when it comes to determining the future.

If they did, they wouldn’t have time to be Important.



An Observation

Outside the West you would find truth by referring to a philosopher or a Prophet.

The West took over simply because it found a truth by observation rather than doing like a California Yuppie and finding some quote that sounds Impressive and Wise.

So I observed that brown-skinned  countries are poor. Yellow-skinned countries can learn up to the level whites have reached. But the only places that show basic progress are populated by white skins.

I do not know why.Image Hosted by

Long before anyone thought of vaccinations, it was well known that girls who milked cows for a living did not get smallpox. No matter how horrible the smallpox got, no one did anything but remark on this.

Now that the Western world is turning brown, we have become accustomed to there being no increase in the standard of living since the 1960s. There had never before been a generation of white Americans, right back to Jamestown, where the standard of living hadn’t progressed.

It is usual for those who live by the established religion to demand how someone “dares say” what everybody can see. We’re back to Semmelweis daring to state, in the teeth of all the Learned Quotes of the Great Doctors, that deaths went where these minor deities refused to wash their hands.

For some reason I do not fathom, there are a lot of people who are desperate to prove that vaccination doesn’t stop smallpox. It seems to come from some fundamentalists, but also from some of the California Cults.

Nonetheless vaccinated people did not get smallpox. Many a  girl spent her entire life horribly disfigured because all the Churches condemned vaccination. Or I could say many a girl who let the Church talk her out of vaccination happened to spend her life horribly disfigured.

Not being a preacher or priest, of a God Church or a PC faith, I am responsible for what I do.

We all observe that skin color makes all the difference in a country. The response to that observation is as old as the hills:

“Where is it Written that skin color matters?”

All the priests and the prophets and the intellectuals, for the thousandth time, demand punishment for those who point out a reality they don’t like.



Newton, Western Technology and Modern Medicine: When Nothing Was Defeated

Despite all else, the Western World still considers the final arbiter of truth to be reality.

We all take it for granted that statistical proof MATTERS. In science, no matter who said what, the final authority is evidence.

No other society was ever aware that there was such a thing as statistical proof.

Doctor Ignaz Semmelweis cut childbed fever death, which had killed a major percentage of mothers and babies in that ward, to zero, year after year, but even as late as the mid-nineteenth century, it made no difference. The University Doctors of Medicine would not stoop to washing their hands between dissections and delivering babies.

How did Newton ever convince a world that still looked to translations of Aristotle and the Old Testament for its cosmology to look to gravity instead?

How did we go from Galen and bleeding to real medicine inside the nineteenth century?

Every previous society had built its entire intellectual life on NOTHING.

To be an intellectual you QUOTED:  “It is written …”

Every intellectual stated that men have more teeth than women, because Aristotle had said so. Even if someone had counted teeth endlessly they would have convinced nobody.

What is unique is that the West has, in SOME cases, allowed evidence to actually defeat Nothing..

Oriental Wisdom and the American Indian Wisdom we hear about were Nothing.

Creation Myths were adopted because they sounded good and “It is written.”

Then Isaac Newton came along saying that the whole universe could be explained by using simple GRAVITY!Image Hosted by

Occam’s Razor knocked the whole gigantic structure of Western Confusionism down!

In a century — AFTER the “Renaissance” — all the Ancient Authorities and all the crap about “balancing humors” was destroyed and modern medicine began.

None of these revolutions could have occurred outside the Western world, because there was no way to go gradually from the Flat Earth to Newton, from Galen to medical sanity.

You simply could not show the slightest respect for Galen’s Balance of Humors and move to Modern Medicine.

In order to introduce Occam’s Razor, you had to state flatly that a thousand years of everything that had been “intellectualism” was pure crap!

Exactly the same holds for Mantra Thinking.

There is no room for Respectful Opposition.

All present political debate is a pile of horsehockey, and there is simply no nice way to say that.



We are Fighting Nothing, and That is HARD!

The article below was about exposing frauds that have no funds, no logic, nothing but the passive support of the People of Reputation who say it must be OK since other People of Reputation also say it must be OK.

Not one of the Persons of Reputation who let Enron happen, who thought Ponzi must be OK, who were consulted about Grant and Ward, ever lost an iota of their Reputation for the mistake.

No Sovietologists ever lost any reputation because not one of them even hinted the USSR was a goner. No Futurologist is ever checked later about his predictions. The only thing that ever happens to a Recognized Expert when a disaster occurs in his area of expertise is that he gets promoted and paid to advise on the Crisis he failed to warn against.Image Hosted by

Who is going to do the exposing?

Here is where we run head on into the problem of fighting Nothing.

No publisher is going to risk the court costs of pointing out thousands of Persons of Reputation, which means people who can sue for damage to those reputations.

And there is no payoff. The people ruined by Enron and the endless list of other Nothings will not be grateful for being warned off.

Let’s bring this down to the level you deal with every day.

One unmentioned rule of fundraising is not just that your cause must be exciting,  but that your ENEMY must be exciting. The Enemy must be Communists or Evil Capitalists or the ever-popular Military-Industrial Complex or an evil, cackling group of long-nosed JEWS who meet in the Oval Office at midnight to become the Secret Government.

You expose brainless, spineless moral cowards who have no trace of real intelligence.

Today’s Intellectualism is a Ponzi Scheme.

But do not expect gratitude or recognition for exposing an Enron or a Ponzi.

Fighting Nothing takes true heroism.