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What is Japan Doing Without?

Very few anti-whites ever address the point that non-white immigration is limited to white countries.Image Hosted by

But a few have said that Japan will regret it. They say that the Japanese population is aging and will starve without all the young non-whites white countries are importing.

Then someone mentioned that Japan seems to be doing just fine. Even her fast food places are running as well as anybody’s, despite the lack of teenagers.

Instead of bringing in third world refugees, Japan has invested abroad. Instead of depending on assembly line labor, Japan is developing robots.

But I have not studied Japan, and a lot of old people in America, led by the AARP, have declared any immigration restrictions to be a threat to their social security checks.

This is the last-ditch defense of open borders. A huge percentage of old Americans and Europeans would be happy to sell out their race and their children for their benefits. They are the worthy heirs of The Greatest Generation whose motto was, “We fought a WAR for these benefits!”

But is it even true that our race must be destroyed if the old folks are to get the benefits they voted themselves?

I ask you, in the real world, what IS Japan doing without?