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Bob’s Different World

My last article revealed the fact  I have worked with over half a century:

The people on the magazine covers have nothing to do with the future of the real world.

Today we would say that the YTs with hundreds of millions of  views have nothing to do with the real future.

I started the process of learning to think this way over fifty years ago, when the Important People had their pictures on the covers of Time Magazine, so it is real fun to watch you run into it for the first time.

The whole point of the article was that Important People do NOT determine our future. Your responses were all about how awful Important People are, how they are traitors, and how this may force the Important People to lead us in a different direction.Image Hosted by

The center of your universe is Important People. You have no idea yet of what the world looks like when you get over the idea that the people at the center of your world all your life are not central to what happens in your world.

It reminds me of the college freshmen who came from their Bible Belt homes, listened to Mommy Professor, and became Instant Atheists. For someone like me whose background was as Bible Belt as they come, their idea of atheism was hilarious.

We used to say, “Freshmen tend to be socialists and atheists.”

We had our agnosticism, but the freshman-Mommy Professor version was childish.

When these Mommy Professor “atheists” talked, you could hear their religion in every word they said. They still took a loving and sadistically punishing God for granted. They spoke in Truths that, for a real atheist, would have to come from nowhere.

In Western Europe after World War II every historically Catholic country outside Ireland had a  huge Communist  percentage. To us the reason was as obvious as the freshmen’s undigested atheism: Catholics who went radical replaced the Church with the Party, the Book of God with the Book of Marx.

So the concept that Important People do NOT rule what we seek to rule is impossible to adjust to instantly. I have lived with that concept for over half a century. It affects absolutely everything about how you view the world.

The seminar is over.

It’s World View time.