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Several Beginnings


There is great news of great people.

If you get OUR slogans on bridges, especially in the right places, the response is terrific.


And, if you have been in this business for a while, you know that the instant result of success is a fight over how to use it.

Before going out to put up the signs, the group doing it dropped in on some BUGSERS. There was almost a fist fight, because some of those going out to put up no words but BUGS words, MY words, slogans that a real company would have had as registered logos, some of them said it was of a fight over Traditional Values.

The article at the above link goes straight into how all those were not honking at the purely pro-white slogans, they were honking for Traditional Values.

Once again, we have the Good Guys versus the Good Guys.

And then I warn them, the Good Guys are going to denounce me.

Standard procedure.

When you look at what HAPPENED, at what SUCCEEDED, it is one hundred percent Mantra. It is ALL pro-white. But, as Kipling said, “And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire.”

And not only the fool’s.

Read the article, it talks about how all those people who almost UNIVERSALLY cheered them were out for “traditional values.” A Marxist would say and believe all the cheers were for the People seizing Power.

Meanwhile the enthusiasm was simply NOT for whatever Traditional Values Group this particular group was there for.

I want these truly good people to be remember that down in the stream of seething slime that has become American values, stuff so slimy it would make a maggot gag, there flows something so low it even makes the other slime sick. It is called respectable conservatism.

“Traditional values” are all championed by that slime. The only points the Respectable Conservatives would differ on are the Confederate flag and so forth.

There are PLENTY of Pastor Browns and Father O’Haras to raise money on these Traditional Values.

Then there is our Confederate flag.

My Confederate flag REPRESENTS us. It does not simply represent itself. Having it fly either means nothing or it is a white symbol.

But let me make this clear: No matter what their motives, we are grateful to have the Mantra up there or in there. I am just disagreeing with the interpretation, but Ole Bob is very happy they got the Mantra up there.

Hell, we were ecstatic when the SPLC denounced the Mantra as long as they spelled it right.



The Sillishit Store

Every country that was and IS still run by Mommy Professor’s Marx began its existence becoming an instant prison.

And Mommy Professor looked about him at his creation and said that it was GOOD.

But Mommy Professor is not the only Professional Thinker who can offer you a deal like this.

If you like Mommy Professor, come to Bob’s Sillishit Store for more great bargains.

Have I got a Philosopher for you!


There is also a wholesale deal on Mommy Professors.  Each of them is winded up to tell you how stupid the stuff your Mommy and Daddy taught you.  Lowah Clahss and Uneducated and how he has a whole array of True Beliefs, straight from Marx and Freud, to replace them.

Forget Mommy!  A True Intellectual believes Mommy PROFESSOR!

But here comes the other team. Father Malone has come to demand that you reject Mommy or Daddy and concentrate on avoiding  using your balls on females. That’s the FIRST Commandment!

Down in the ring, knocking aside Mommy and Mommy Professor, the Priest knocks Mommy and Mommy Professor aside to announce that sterility is only One of the Foundations of his Act. He also offers PAIN.  This is the privilege of being a man with a SOUL.

A mere dog who is in hideous agony with almost no chance of survival — there is no such thing as NO chance in statistics — is given a quick, easy death.

But every year the billionth chance to save a terminal spinal cancer patient increases, and The Father demands more agony and more agony. The agonized patient begs to die.

But it is not the patient’s choice. That belongs to Medical Ethics, which are answerable to the churches, and those medical ethics forbid “doing harm.”


In medical ethics, only death is harm. So Father John and Doctor Brown are arm in arm, demanding agony before any more morphine doses.

And NO HEROIN. It is more effective, but illegal.

Heroin is addictive, you see.

In any sane environment, this would be a joke. Too hideous a joke for a priest or a doctor to actually laugh at, but who else but a sadistic clown could come up with such a scenario?

But the priest has a robe and six thousand years of barbaric custom behind him, and the doctor has the Hippocratic Oath, and that was in GREEK!

Wow!  How could anybody weigh plain old agony against a guy with a dress on using Latin and GREEK!

The point is that you might want to call this crap BEFORE you end up in the hospital with the Marvels of Modern Medicine keeping you alive for weeks in terminal agony.

Maybe the time will come for YOU when the humor of worshipping academic and religious robes becomes an OBVIOUS nightmare.



White House Bans Criticism of Hate Speech

HD is the BUGSER who is producing the White House petitions.

MSNBC denounced his petitions against White Genocide, which made us very happy.

HD did not let up. He keeps on coming up with petitions and works hard to get every signature, which shows you how cowardly whites have become.

Now the White House has banned HD’s petition against CENSORSHIP!

Where are all those chest-beating libertarians and Randian Objectivist and Militia groups when a demand for free speech is rejected?

They are where they always are when Obama plays The Race Card: Hiding in the bushes wetting themselves.


No Comments

Jason Points Out That We SHOULD NOT Have to Be Martyrs

My big personal reward for all this time and expense and NERVES I have spent here is  to have people I can really talk to about what is really going on.

You ask the questions only we know how to ask and you make the complaints I could only share with myself all these years. That is a GIANT relief!

A BUGSER can close his eyes and imagine all those years — all those decades — when I was working with the nearest thing we had to an effective opposition and the question would come up, in one form or another, “What is WRONG?” And I knew the answer but could never say “YOU are what is wrong.”

Almost everything I did that was effective cost me. I had to build up credits as my stomach churned playing up to the Respectable Opposition so I could spend those points to my personal detriment but for the few effective bits of real power I used.

You who are now dealing with this sort of mindlessness that calls itself thinking realize I am not describing a theoretical balance to you. I am describing raw insides and being sick at the stomach while trying to not to burst out yelling.

Two nervous breakdowns, two heart attacks, but no doctor ever understood why I really DID have to push myself that far.

So it literally does my heart good when you express what I had to express, the exact resentments I had to hide.



No Tyranny Ever Existed Without an Excuse

This is a Mantra Thinking Equivalent of “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

The classical example of this is Stalin’s 1936 Constitution, which guaranteed so many freedoms it made the Bill of Rights look like it came from Gestapo Headquarters.

No matter what excuse anti-whites give for banning Hate Speech, this statement trips them up.

Instead of answering these justifications one by one, as AMPWs would, a Mantra Thinker hits at the root.

Every tyranny on the real world has its justifications, the Reichstag Fire, World War I, the Depression, World War II, or Stalin who issued the Constitution of 1936.

In fact, the best illustration that something is pure tyranny is the flood of justifications that come with it.

As I have pointed out, no country whose only basis is a bunch of words can be free. As soon as Europe had what by American standards was a tiny minority of non-whites, Hate Speech Laws were imposed.

A multiracial society cannot be free.

Hit them with the truth.

Make them look as mindless as they are.