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Uncle “Omar” Onyango Obama Gets To Stay

Onyango “Omar” Obama, the President’s uncle who has defied deportation orders, has been granted residency status, also known as a green card, by Judge Leonard Shapiro, the same judge who granted a similar ruling for the President’s welfare queen aunt, Zeituni. Image Hosted by

Despite having run down a police officer in a drunk driving incident and possessing a driver’s license that could not have been obtained legally, Shapiro called Oyyango “a gentleman.”

At the hearing Onyango contradicted the White House’s assertion that the President had never met his uncle, stating that Barack had lived with him for three weeks while he attended Harvard Law School.

Judge Leonard Shapiro based his decision on a 1972 law that allows long term residents to stay. He gave no reason why this law trumps a court order nor did he issue a written opinion.