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The Mantra Goes Comic

Someone had a link to a YouTube that was part of a comedy series. When I looked it had over 300,000 views and other episodes in the series are hitting near 1,000,000.

It started with the comic opening a door for a black girl, and he then started his lecture on how NOT to be a racist. He had instructions, a point system (including points for opening the door for a black girl) and, as he kept pointing out, MOSTLY he had a place to send MONEY to help him fight racism.

He was making fun of professional anti-racism, and he sounded a LOT like ME.

One liberal source quoted THE REPUBLICAN PARTY as saying “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.” It was hilarious! Can you imagine some respectable conservative, on his knees in front of his liberal, hero unzipping his pants, saying anything LIKE that?

Putin talked about the white race in a very Russian way. He said to a reporter, “The white race is dying out.  Do you understand what I am saying?” No American would put it that way to “the press.”

Also in Russia if someone hits a policeman, the policeman hits him back, right in front of the cameras.

Putin was not speaking to “a reporter,” he was talking to another Russian. Russian police do not think that the arrestee hit “a policeman.” They hit HIM.

Putin was talking to another Russian about the disappearance of THEIR race.

I remember one guy trying to with “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” by saying that nobody says “anti-racist” any more. Years ago, one of the first standard replies to the Mantra was that no one says “race problem” any more.

And “race problem” has almost disappeared from our public dialogue.

It vanished.

I noticed.

One of our best BUGSERS was moaning to me about how when we swarmed on anti-racist they would deny they ever used the term and use Hate instead. He said that whatever we discredit they will just switch words.

What a tragedy!

When a group opens fire, what do you EXPECT the enemy to do, line up shoulder to shoulder so they can be better targets?

They are scattering away from words they have used for years, tens of millions of times, and claiming they never even HEARD them.

We are shooting and they are scattering.

That’s how battles are won.

Nothing should encourage you more to KEEP SHOOTING.