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Exercise Your BUGS Skills

One of the things you always saw in Stormfront, and that you do not see in BUGS, was the phrase “somebody ought to…”

BUGSERS must DO things. We have been trained in getting a few words in here and a concept out there. A BUGSER today would laugh his hind parts off if he saw the endless statements that Lord Nelson and I used to deal with, where some outraged Stormfront commenter would denounce everybody for not marching out openly and bringing the whole System down.

The Stormfronters always did this, of course, under a pseudonym.

But absolutely no one at SF saw the humor of this.

A BUGSER not only knows not to theorize about how something “should be done,” he does it himself. And while SFers would not even talk about anything less than Total Revolution on Der Tag, we report the critical tiny movements of that huge rock that is crushing the life out of our race.

Vanishingly few of the old shouters at Stormfront would even understand the things we report to each other.

You do this kind of thinking so naturally now it would be easy for you to forget what a lesson it is, and why you should recognize it. One example is my unique notice of the end of starvation in this horrible White Man’s World.

It started with my realization that real people do not do real things because they “ought” to be done. In the aftermath of one of the most profitable fund raisers in history — the Ethiopian famine — I realized that, for the first time in history, a photograph of one starving child was worth a hundred million dollars.

No one else thought that way. No one else would have realized the implications. So I already decided what I would find before I Googled “starvation.”

If people did what they “ought” to do, the end of starvation for the first time in human history as a major cause of death would have been prominently announced.

The problem was that nobody had any incentive to announce it. First, people raise money by complaining and saying they can feed the hungry or save the world from pollution. The modern world is still recognized as being the product of whites, so it is a BAD world, with pollution, racism and so forth.

The Google search turned out to be exactly what I had expected. The words “There is no more starvation” simply cannot be found. As I expected, all the entries were about “hunger,” which can be defined any way you want to define it. Every one of the Pharaohs had vitamin deficiencies that would send them for immediate treatment today.

“Starvation,” said one entry, “is a form of hunger.” It then discussed the various programs that you could give money to for fighting hunger.

Oh, by the way, blindness is a form of eye problems.