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It’s a Giant!

Far more Ancient Heroes were killed by mosquitoes than by dragons.

But you will never hear a tale about a Hero battling a mosquito.

We all know why. Since we all know why, someone who is not a Mantra Thinker will chuckle at the idea, then proceed on to something more Profound. But Mantra Thinking is obsession with analyzing “what we all know.”

Thinking about “what we all know” almost always leads to some real insight.

For example, no membership organization simply points out that the other side is just plain silly. This is for exactly the same reason that no legend has a Great Hero fighting one of the most dangerous animals man has ever faced, the mosquito.

And this lack of legends of Heroes fighting mosquitoes is also the reason malaria, yellow fever and all those other diseases were never tracked by Classical Medicine. Great Doctors of Medicine still bled patients and talked of Classical Theories of Humor Balance. They would never look down to the mosquitoes and the flies and the fleas that brought Plague.

Even regular people called malaria “bad air,” and closed their shutters to harmful fresh air in the night, “night air.” Fleas that brought the Plague were on rats. The first response to the Plague was to kill all the cats.

In order to convert to modern medicine, we had to recognize how STUPID the old medicine was. There could be no compromise: You could either show respect for Galen and Latin and Greek, or you could declare that Latin was no substitute, AT ALL, for washing your hands.

Respectable conservatism thrives by ignoring the mosquitoes. All our enemies are Geniuses and Dragons.

If your village has malaria or yellow fever, it is from mosquitoes, which means there is stagnant water within half a mile of you. BUGSERS go after the stagnant water.

The big outfits all fight dragons. Conservatives counter the Great Intellectuals of the Left, pro-whites go after Giant Conspiracies.

We develop memes about the stagnant water.

Mantra Thinking is the Genius of Simplicity.