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Several Beginnings


There is great news of great people.

If you get OUR slogans on bridges, especially in the right places, the response is terrific.


And, if you have been in this business for a while, you know that the instant result of success is a fight over how to use it.

Before going out to put up the signs, the group doing it dropped in on some BUGSERS. There was almost a fist fight, because some of those going out to put up no words but BUGS words, MY words, slogans that a real company would have had as registered logos, some of them said it was of a fight over Traditional Values.

The article at the above link goes straight into how all those were not honking at the purely pro-white slogans, they were honking for Traditional Values.

Once again, we have the Good Guys versus the Good Guys.

And then I warn them, the Good Guys are going to denounce me.

Standard procedure.

When you look at what HAPPENED, at what SUCCEEDED, it is one hundred percent Mantra. It is ALL pro-white. But, as Kipling said, “And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire.”

And not only the fool’s.

Read the article, it talks about how all those people who almost UNIVERSALLY cheered them were out for “traditional values.” A Marxist would say and believe all the cheers were for the People seizing Power.

Meanwhile the enthusiasm was simply NOT for whatever Traditional Values Group this particular group was there for.

I want these truly good people to be remember that down in the stream of seething slime that has become American values, stuff so slimy it would make a maggot gag, there flows something so low it even makes the other slime sick. It is called respectable conservatism.

“Traditional values” are all championed by that slime. The only points the Respectable Conservatives would differ on are the Confederate flag and so forth.

There are PLENTY of Pastor Browns and Father O’Haras to raise money on these Traditional Values.

Then there is our Confederate flag.

My Confederate flag REPRESENTS us. It does not simply represent itself. Having it fly either means nothing or it is a white symbol.

But let me make this clear: No matter what their motives, we are grateful to have the Mantra up there or in there. I am just disagreeing with the interpretation, but Ole Bob is very happy they got the Mantra up there.

Hell, we were ecstatic when the SPLC denounced the Mantra as long as they spelled it right.