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We are Getting Out There

Spotted on Facebook by a BUGSER:



“Why is Diversity Only Imposed on White Countries?”

This line is from the sign of one of the rare BUGSERS who actually got out there and held up signs.

You can find it at, about the ninth picture on the left under Googlewhitegenocide.  It’s right under the picture of our beauteous Political Corrrector.

That is a GREAT line!  The best attack on “Diversity” yet! I met the guy who carried that sign but with ADD I can’t remember his name.

Great artists are supposed to often be jealous of their masterpieces.  But people who are natural teachers are never more delighted than one of their students takes what they say and IMPROVES on it.

This student of mine has seen me and raised me.  I think he gets the point.

Somewhere I noticed a black and his blonde “Tasha” discussing her “racist” neighborhood. Let me give you another example of the kind of thing an expert of many decades on power like me would notice: In ancient times which in current politics and on the internet means five years ago, a picture of a black and his blonde girl would get the requisite several hundred Politically Correct readers and a ninety percent thumbs up.

Since WE hit the internet, these routine PC pieces have gotten more and more and overwhelming thumbs down.

No one is going to mention that but me, though I am sure it is common talk at SPLC.

I cannot master the mechanics of getting my comment in, but one of you few working BUGSERS might do it for me when such things appear.

“What if this black guy’s blonde had plastic surgery to make here look like one of the mulatto little girls their union would produce.”
“I am willing to bet money that her Black Lover Boy would fall out of love with her fast, just as Tiger Wood would never marry a girl who looked like a little brown daughter of him and his blonde Scandinavian wife.”

“When you think about it, the Golden Rule pops up in some unexpected places.”

That’s my ante, use it or raise it.