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Most of Your Best Work Won’t be YOUR Work

The terrific lines in the last article were produced out there somewhere by a non-BUGSER.

This would probably drive Jared Taylor’s crowd up the wall.

They produce serious, personal, and lengthy insights which they want others to be correct in quoting.

This one was not only not produced by me, it was not even produced by my BUGSERS. That is more than fine by me.

Bless their hearts, the TOO crowd is trying to retail information. We are doing the opposite: We are starting a firestorm.

I did not launch the Space Telescope. I overcame what anyone on the Hill would have told you was an impossible fait accompli by both the Chairman and the Republican Ranking Member. So I take credit, because, except for me and my breakdowns and heart attacks, the Hubble Telescope wold have been blocked and forgotten in 1977.

Being underestimated is a major advantage and immediately practical factor in real power politics.

Ask anyone on Capitol Hill who has and uses a Southern “accent.” Their guard goes down so fast you can almost SEE it.

How could a Harvard Law School magna cum laude graduate like Senator Sam Ervin always insist on being seen as “just a country lawyer from North Carolina?”

Because there were always plenty of “smart” Yankees who would BELIEVE that and he would roll over them like a freight train. He didn’t give a damn about their image of him. His game was power.

In the end, your life requires the approval of only one person, and that person is the toughest customer you’ll ever face.

In the end your whole life does not come down to how many people knew your name or the stuff written in your obituary. In the end, only one person can truly give you credit for what you actually accomplished,

In my case, the tough customer I must deal with is Bob Whitaker. He knows all my weaknesses and my warts.

So it makes no difference to us who came up with that particular quote. In fact, it is more wonderful that we caused someone ELSE to speak our language.

We must cause others to do our kind of thinking if we are to change the world. There are a lot more of them than there are of us. As the fire grows, it will bring in millions of others.

I have done this kind of thing before. I see it happening now.

Give yourself credit. In the end, you are the only person who can make the call.