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Face It, Whitey, You’re a Coward

The mainline media has suddenly begun reporting that black gangs have this game where they roam around and someone knocks the hell out of a white person. The media are discussing it, and talking about the fact that everybody knew about this for years but it was never mentioned publicly.

And you, Whitey, have come to Doctor Bob to deal with this problem.

What is REALLY the problem?

Stop hyperventilating and take a long, slow breath.

Now take another.

Long, slow. That’s it.

Now repeat after me.

“I, Whitey, am an abject, bed-wetting coward.”

Yes, I know it hurts a lot when you first admit the truth out loud.

Here are some pretty pink tissues you can wipe your little nosey on while you take another breath.

Now, don’t you feel a little better already? Doesn’t it feel better to finally to dump all that White Guilt horseshit and admit to yourself that you are just plain chickenshit?

The real reason you never spoke up when black gangs knocked out a white person had nothing to do with those Noble Feelings of White Guilt you always hid behind when you wet your diapers when “race” was mentioned.

Nothing Noble about it, and for the sake of your own mental health, you must dump that White Guilt coverup immediately.

Every bully has a toady, the kid who runs with him. The little toady is the kid who is the most helpless and cowardly of all the kids. His toady is always on the bully’s side. He cheers for the bully. Everybody else in the school obeys the bully out of open cowardice. The bully’s sidekick hides his own cowardice FROM HIMSELF.

Go ahead, cry. I know this is hard for you, but it is the only way you can stop being a sicko.

We’re ready for another step away from your mental illness, so repeat after me:

“I have to change my diapers whenever race is mentioned. But I never admitted the real reason for that soiled linen.”

“The real reason is because I am afraid to speak up because some blacks and their white toadies might beat the crap out of me if they don’t like what I say.”

There, there, I know it hurt, but soon you will be relived to get that off your chest and some of your mental illness will go away.

That’s enough for today. Repeat these admissions out loud a couple of times and call me in the morning.

In the meantime I’ll see if I can’t arrange a gut transplant.