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Renegade Broadcasting – Banner Drive to Combat White Genocide

I have been speaking with the guys at Renegade Broadcasting and I am putting together a team of BUGSers to support them with their “Banner Drive to Combat White Genocide” on March 15th.

The conversations our slogans and memes are forcing are largely happening as a result of them being displayed on banners in “High Traffic” locations across the country. The media can’t ignore it anymore, and with Renegade’s “Banner Drive to Combat White Genocide” on March 15th, the conversation will be forced in a BIG way.

We at BUGS here have the proof that our words and OUR Work is paying off. The BUGS Enthusiasm for Action Based Results is being transmitted like a virus and Renegade is infected. BUGSers Must get behind the team at Renegade and support this event by showing Our Team Enthusiasm! Show them what we do best … RAID!!!

The folks at Renegade Broadcasting started a fundraiser for their “Banner Drive to Combat White Genocide” and have currently raised $1,350 with a goal of $2,000. Using the money they raise, they will be working directly with one of our very Own BUGSers to produce a large quantity of professional banners with Our Memes, to be distributed free of charge, to any BUGSer willing to hang them on March 15.

For those BUGSers that participate, all banners will be provided to you a week prior to the drop date. You will then have time to figure out the best deployment options and locations for your area.

We are wanting to hear from you if you are willing to put out one banner or you have a team in your area who can put out 10. Should you not feel able to participate physically, there is still time to contribute financially. All levels of participation are necessary.

Donate here:

Currently we already have 15 BUGSers committed to participating in this coordinated event and they are located across the USA, Sweden and Australia. There is Great potential in a world-wide coordinated effort like this. We need as many banners as possible out there on March 15th!

Should you wish to participate, please send me an email at We will be arranging a private online work area for coordinating and discussions.