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The Knockout Game in a Coat and Tie

One major reason The Knockout Game was the first anti-white gambit to be outed was because the white public recognizes the Knockout Game as the perfect picture of anti-white power in America.

Anti-whites consist of a gang of anti-white minorities and their white toadies who get big cheers for hitting whites any way they feel like it, and the gang protects them. One second they call anyone who protests White Genocide a “white separatist.” The next moment they call anyone who attacks White Genocide a “white supremacist.”

No whites are allowed to defend themselves. No one is allowed to point out the obvious fact that you can’t be a white supremacist and a white separatist at the same time.

Almost every Founding Father was an opponent of slavery. But the solution was that blacks be sent back to Africa. You can’t be pro-slavery and want all the blacks back in Africa at the same time.

There was a black man — in coat and tie — shouting triumphantly at O’Reilly about how inevitable it was that whites would become a minority in America.

O’Reilly may be big stuff, but he is not allowed to shout back. We don’t even notice it by now, but only blacks and their toadies are allowed to shout on television.

Anti-whites routinely scream that white history shows whites are innately evil. They also ban anyone from saying that white history shows whites are innately superior.

Whites have never committed a unique crime, but they have an infinite number of unique achievements.

“Whites have never committed a unique crime, but they have an infinite number of unique achievements.”

We all know, if anyone were allowed to say that, what the instant response would be: Some black or his white toady would scream “HATE!”

They would professionally ruin whoever said it.

But unlike the Knockout Game, the random slugger would be on national TV in a coat and tie.