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After the official signing of Unconditional Surrender of May 8, 1945, Herman Goering tried to turn himself in. In full uniform, with World War I medals on, he presented himself to the Allies.

They promptly took off his medals, jailed him and put him on trial.

Anti-whites seem to think THEIR genocide is a matter where they can just admit they were not wholly correct and come back into society wearing their medals and degrees like the neoconservatives did.

We are NOT respectable conservatives.

White Genocide is not just a debate.

It is an indictment.

Yes, we demand the right to bring the charges as a matter of free speech. Any group which is just emerging from oppression first has to seek the barest, most basic rights.

But we will not accept neo-pro-whites.

Confessing a crime is the first step. The second is the trial.

The same people who tried to destroy their own people can be expected to produce a lot of rats as their ship goes down.

And we are not demanding that even the last rats aboard die the way they killed Germans convicted of genocide.

They will bleed GREEN.

There will be no neo-pro-whites.

Right now, like all underdogs being bullied, pro-whites must fight for even the most basic rights.

That does NOT mean that we will SETTLE for only the most basic rights.

But “Gosh, we went too far on race!” is not our final goal.

We will not excuse generations of treason and humiliation by anti-white whites the way respectable conservatives welcomed neoconservatives in and gave them the driver’s seat of conservatism. A serial killer is not a hero if he gives up serial killing. One who plans and implements and cheers on the destruction of his own race is not treated as a hero because he switches sides when the heat is on.

What I say here will be warped into a demand for blood. The usual pro-white loudmouths who scream about “Tribunals!” will help the enemy distort what I am saying.

Repeat: Anti-whites will bleed GREEN, not RED.

But now that we’re beginning to see the first flickerings of a grassroots growth of anger, fury and resentment from a white population that has been terrorized into the Stockhom Syndrome for most of a century, we should be clear that that terrorism will have to be paid for as an example for the future.

Treason must once more be made a crime.