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Who is Funding BUGS!?

Shades of our old three-person no-budget Populist Forum!

That group, consisting of me, my wife and a press photographer sposored many press conferences and we sponsored a forty-thousand person joint march against busing and lewd textbooks. We jammed up Washington, DC at Rush Hour to get the Independent Truckers a fair deal during the Oil Boycott.

The Communist Daily World did a feature on us, describing the Populist Forum as an “enormous, heavily financed network of organizations…”

We were the “giant right-wing conspiracy” Mrs. Clinton was to describe some years later.

Well, BUGS, welcome to the “Giant Conspiracy Club!”

Someone in Birmingham or elsewhere saw one of our bridge drop signs and someone else, maybe in Washington State, replied breathlessly, “I saw the same thing HERE!”

She clearly thought that BUGSERS were EVERYWHERE!”

But for me what took the cake was another commenter demanding “Who is FINANCING all this!?”