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The Aussies warming up for the March 15th Banner Drive

As Bob pointed out in his article below:Aus Banner Drop

” … a few dedicated people ON MESSAGE is more effective than a hundred million dollar organization that is OFF message.”

The SPLC raises millions in “terror funds” that finance their anti-White Hate programs, like raising money to force integrate Northern Idaho. Chasing down Whitey for compulsory diversity.

But We at BUGS are a group of fanatics. And we ARE exposing this anti-White system with simple obvious truths, we don’t have millions.

This is exercising TRUE Power.

Way to go to the Guys and Girls in Ozzy for getting this banner knocked up for all the commuters to see on Australia Day. Great work!

March 15th is shaping up to be a huge worldwide coordinated effort. We are going to appear like one hell of a BIG group. Currently the Banner Drive has raised $2,495. With the additional funds, Renegade Broadcasting will be producing stickers and fliers for those willing to distribute them on March 15th.

Should you wish to participate please email me at