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White Genocide is not a Theoretical Debate, It is a Criminal Charge

Adolf Eichmann was convicted in Israel for “Crimes Against Humanity,” a charge that Was invented in Israel and had never been used before.

Who decided where they took place: Nazi occupied Europe. He was not violating the law, he was carrying it out.

At the end of World War II, the saying “I was just following orders” became, for everybody from Goering down to a fourteen-year-old boy who had been ordered to police a concentration camp for the SS, became “No Defense.”

“I was just following orders” became the most discredited phrase in America.
 photo followingorders.png
So BUGS is not theorizing or trying to win a debate with reasonable people.

And anti-whites are, in fact, using exactly the same tactics as any felon who is faced with charges he cannot deny. They shout insults, they say that those bringing the charges are stupid, mean and ugly.

You together see this behavior all the time when a criminal is caught dead to rights.

Pro-whites outside of BUGS begin by accepting the premise that anti-whites are just following orders. They blame aliens for pushing White Genocide.

Those who have overriding loyalties, like anti-white Jews, are as guilty of genocide as any Nazi who carried out his orders. But the minorities are NOT guilty of treason.

As I have repeatedly pointed out, the Tenth Circle, the Circle of Ice, the worst place in Hell, was specifically reserved for TRAITORS. No other crime comes close to Treason.

“I was just following orders” or “I was just doing what my professor told me” is not accepted by any decent person as an excuse.

If we are “arguing,” we are only “arguing” the Case for the Prosecution.



Swarms of Bugs – Forum for Fighting White Genocide

One of our very own Bugsers has created a private work area for discussions on fighting White Genocide and the much anticipated upcoming March 15th Banner Drive.

If you are interested in joining in on tactical discussions and have not received instructions personally from me, please email

All registrations will be verified by our admin team.

With the substantial momentum gaining behind the March 15 Banner Drive to Combat White Genocide, it is certain to attract a great deal of attention for us.  Many different groups are uniting on this important event including the BNP:

Bugsers have even approached Golden Dawn to hold a banner for this event. We want EVERY White country represented with our White Genocide message on March 15th and it IS going to be a great turnout.

I would like some feedback on the stickers and flyers we would like produced. Currently this is what Renegade Broadcasting has:

Stickers –

Flyers –

Lastly, here is another fantastic report of the growing momentum from the Guys and Girls in Australia:

“Hey! Put this one up in broad daylight, we even got a few beeps. You can see the “I” starting to peel off in one of the shots. Next time we are going to use white tape, so letters won’t ever fall off due to wind or rain and it’s still cheap enough to produce a couple/month. This banner stayed up till around 11am. This is an 80km/hr zone, in peak traffic the cars were stopped.

Wrote into local political blogs, newspapers and TV stations…not one bite yet.”

Freeway Banner


We ARE Forcing the conversation on White Genocide!



Modern War

BUGSERS are in the situation experienced pilots were in at the beginning of the Korean War.

Their experience was with propeller planes. Their every instinct was honed to pre-jet combat. In prop planes your goal was to get on the enemy’s tail and stay there until you shot him down.

If a human pilot tries to hang onto a jet’s tail he ends up firing at space.

The Korean War jets fired bursts as the enemy came into their sight, then broke off. If a bullet hit the vast amount of fuel a jet must carry in vulnerable areas his plane would explode. photo migs.jpg

You had to hammer off some critical segment of a prop plane. But if the same pilot tried to hang on the tail in a prop plane, he would have no kills.

On the other hand if the veteran pilot ignores ALL his combat experience, and all the lessons he learned from it, he would be in at least as much trouble.

The old hanging onto the tail strategy is what we call “tailgating.” The enemy had a monopoly on jets, network TV and universities in a society where everybody was newly going to college. We had a few books and isolated organizations. Now we have jets, the internet and a whole new communication technology.

Most of the old prop pilots want to fly the new jets the old prop way. We BUGSERS notice anti-whites have the jet’s weakness too: They are carrying a lot of explosive fuel in vulnerable places.

Like 1950 jets, their wings are full of gasoline.

Everything for them depends on the good old reliable tailgaters.

For sixty years they have left the tailgaters spinning helplessly in space as they fly off. But you have seen what happens when we fire in bursts.

They explode.



Please, No Gossip or Hen Session, But THE LESSON

BUGS got hacked (in a way – easily managed) by a person who has had fits here regularly and been banned.

Originally, many months ago, he demanded that I provide him with hundreds of thousands of dollars he said White Rabbit had promised him for helping in a YouTube production. He had not the slightest doubt the fortune was there, and that I could either pay it myself or, even stranger, that I had the power over WR to force HIM to pay up.

So he raved and he screamed and he threatened and insulted.

Lesson One: I have warned over and over and over about working with anyone who “has real talent, but he’s a bit unstable.” I call them TTGH’s, “Take Toys and Go Home,” as in “I tell you all right now, if you don’t do it my way I’ll just quit, right when the whole project depends on me.” photo ddampbb.jpg

And the usual next line amounts to, “I’m as dedicated to the Cause as anybody, but it’s the PRINCIPLE of the thing.”

They almost invariably find this Principle at the very moment they know you are depending on you the most.

I am not withholding the name here because this is a general lesson, and as usual I don’t want the lesson to be lost in a hen session about one particular person.

This incident is critical because it illustrates the LESSON I have stated over and over and over but which, like so many real lessons, gets buried in the hen session where commenters cluck about how it fits into the Latest News or other trivia.

We have been “hacked.” The person who hacked us probably got his info from my computer, since my great weaknesses are computer illiteracy, pretty common in a man my age, disability-level ADD which means I have to write passwords down AND remember where I put them.

So I will no longer be able to put my stuff directly onto BUGS: I will have to have someone else do it, which, with a person with my problem in concentration, means you will be getting none of the spontaneity in muses “nigger” and comments and I can do less articles.

As an interrogator, I have some reason to doubt this guy’s sincerity in our cause. My reason for this is another good lesson: He uses “nigger” and “Jew” and like terms to an extent none of us use.

By the way, I am now a “fat Jew!” And that old standby, a queer.

When someone uses those words over and over, they are trying to buddy up by using the kind of language SPLC tells them we use all the time.

But one who does a lot of interrogating quickly learns not to be SURE of any conclusion. This a caution you learn in almost any field.

This guy also seems to genuinely have a problem I ran into very, very often as a Narcotics Anonymous sponsor: bipolar disorder. He is either very, very polite or shrieking. In the shrieking phase he loves to use language like someone with Tourette’s Syndrome.

So he sounds a lot like one of my sponsorees when he was, as we put it, “Off his meds.”

The quotation marks are another lesson in another area. His meds may have stopped working or be the wrong meds. So we just use the term “Off his meds” as, if you will pardon the expression, a generic one.



ANYONE Who Says “Hate” is Now a Toady

We are samizdat.
The first rule of samizdat is that saying things that are banned is courage, and repeating the Party Line is cowardice.
Many in the samizdat were socialists or even Communists, but they would rather die – literally! – than repeat many of the socialist slogans they would have bravely shouted out in a free society.
Sincere advocates of free speech who would have called our words Hate before will not touch that word now that it is the weapon of censorship: “I do disagree with what you say, but I will fight g.TO THE DEATH for your right to say it.”
So when bullies shout The Party Line, you do not join the chorus unless you are one of their toadies.
A toady is also a bully. He’s just the bully’s helper who doesn’t have to do the actual fighting, like a member of the Knockout Team from the Knockout Game who does not do the actual Knockout.
Hate is the Bullies’ Motto.
So anyone who uses the Bullies’ Motto is a part of the Bully Gang.


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