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2014….. it is already starting out with a BANG!

Our mainstream presence is growing on a daily basis.

As Bob has pointed out, we are beginning to see “… the first flickerings of a grassroots growth of anger, fury and resentment from a White population that has been terrorized into the Stockholm Syndrome for most of a century.”

With our simple memes of obvious truths, we are getting more and more White people using our terminology and pointing out the anti-White contradictions using Our memes. With this We ARE empowering Our people.

The momentum that Our group at BUGS is generating is nothing short of phenomenal. We ARE changing the world. We ARE exercising True Power. And WE are doing this Together as only a few.

I have received an enormous amount of support, encouragement and agreement from so many different channels since the beginning of 2014.

So far this year bugsers have already achieved a multitude on last year. We are building momentum everyday, with every bit of activism on fighting White genocide.

Bob’s seminar is over, it is now time for Practicals and Reporting.

Keep up the Great work. Because We WILL Save Our Race.