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STOP and LISTEN to Jason’s POINT!

Year after weary year, I would do hard mental work to find the CRUX, the HEART of what is wrong with what anti-whites said. Year after year I would use this CRUX, like “genocide,” to bring them to their knees.

And so many thousands of times, the pro-white I was talking to would INVARIABLY tell me what my Statement reminded them of, or how some Name had said something like that, or what he had been waiting to say since before I started talking.

You BUGSERS know this, but you know it because I have no shame in constantly reminding you of it.

Like Rome, we are conquering our enemies because we spend all our practice time on the use of the SHORT sword.

The comments on one recent article were excellent. But one stopped me in my tracks.

It is BUGS Magic: A simple statement of EXACTLY where we are right now.

With that mark of BUGS genius, a PERIOD at the end.

And here it is, from Jason:
“I notice that they have no new attack. It’s just racist, racist, racist (as Benjamin noted on another thread). They seem to be cycling through names like ‘racist’, ‘supremacist’ and ‘nazi’ faster and faster. I guess they are back to ‘racist’ this week.”

What does it mean when your opponent is unable to come up with a new tactic?

I don’t want to underestimate them, but their basic playbook seems the same from decades ago.

I don’t think they know how to adapt to us.

Read that statement of where we are with a fully BUGS appreciation of how on-target it is.

THINK about it.

THINK about it like BUGSERS do, not trying to dress it up or saying what it reminds you of.