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Decline of the LOL! Bullies

Six or seven years ago over half of the replies to Mantra arguments included LOL!

Before BUGS anti-whites were In Control of every form of media – every form of media. Liberals and conservatives ganged up on any pro-white and threw the usual crap at him and LAAHFED at him, all in chorus and on cue.

Since bullying is the only weapon White Genocide has, they could only change its FORMAT. And LOL! Was part of the only pre-BUGS format.

Once BUGS kicked in, the anti-whites realized they weren’t in the same old Knockout Game any more. Before BUGS anyone who wanted to keep his job, appear on Mainstream Media, get on ANY faculty or just not be LAAHFFED at, yielded to the threat of the Good Old Labels (GOL):

Racist, Nazi, White Supremacist, hick, all in chorus and on cue.

The rules of the Knockout Game are the same on campus as they are on the street. The gang cheers while one guy sucker punches any pro-white heretic.

Seeing the broken nose and ruined career of the pro-white victim, the guy who threw the sucker punch in the media or on campus LAAHFS: LOL! On campus and in the media his gang LAAHFS with him.

On the streets the Knockout gang just LAUGHS.

Same Gang, just a difference of CLAAHSS, you know.

When BUGS showed up on the internet the academic-media Knockout Gang saw another gang forming on the other side.

So they ran back into their ghettoes and hid behind their GOLs like the cowards they are.

And the laughter, the LOL!s, STOPPED.