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ANYONE Who Says “Hate” is Now a Toady

Posted by Bob on February 12th, 2014 under Bob's Meanderings

We are samizdat.
The first rule of samizdat is that saying things that are banned is courage, and repeating the Party Line is cowardice.
Many in the samizdat were socialists or even Communists, but they would rather die – literally! – than repeat many of the socialist slogans they would have bravely shouted out in a free society.
Sincere advocates of free speech who would have called our words Hate before will not touch that word now that it is the weapon of censorship: “I do disagree with what you say, but I will fight g.TO THE DEATH for your right to say it.”
So when bullies shout The Party Line, you do not join the chorus unless you are one of their toadies.
A toady is also a bully. He’s just the bully’s helper who doesn’t have to do the actual fighting, like a member of the Knockout Team from the Knockout Game who does not do the actual Knockout.
Hate is the Bullies’ Motto.
So anyone who uses the Bullies’ Motto is a part of the Bully Gang.

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