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Modern War

BUGSERS are in the situation experienced pilots were in at the beginning of the Korean War.

Their experience was with propeller planes. Their every instinct was honed to pre-jet combat. In prop planes your goal was to get on the enemy’s tail and stay there until you shot him down.

If a human pilot tries to hang onto a jet’s tail he ends up firing at space.

The Korean War jets fired bursts as the enemy came into their sight, then broke off. If a bullet hit the vast amount of fuel a jet must carry in vulnerable areas his plane would explode. photo migs.jpg

You had to hammer off some critical segment of a prop plane. But if the same pilot tried to hang on the tail in a prop plane, he would have no kills.

On the other hand if the veteran pilot ignores ALL his combat experience, and all the lessons he learned from it, he would be in at least as much trouble.

The old hanging onto the tail strategy is what we call “tailgating.” The enemy had a monopoly on jets, network TV and universities in a society where everybody was newly going to college. We had a few books and isolated organizations. Now we have jets, the internet and a whole new communication technology.

Most of the old prop pilots want to fly the new jets the old prop way. We BUGSERS notice anti-whites have the jet’s weakness too: They are carrying a lot of explosive fuel in vulnerable places.

Like 1950 jets, their wings are full of gasoline.

Everything for them depends on the good old reliable tailgaters.

For sixty years they have left the tailgaters spinning helplessly in space as they fly off. But you have seen what happens when we fire in bursts.

They explode.