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Swarms of Bugs – Forum for Fighting White Genocide

One of our very own Bugsers has created a private work area for discussions on fighting White Genocide and the much anticipated upcoming March 15th Banner Drive.

If you are interested in joining in on tactical discussions and have not received instructions personally from me, please email

All registrations will be verified by our admin team.

With the substantial momentum gaining behind the March 15 Banner Drive to Combat White Genocide, it is certain to attract a great deal of attention for us.  Many different groups are uniting on this important event including the BNP:

Bugsers have even approached Golden Dawn to hold a banner for this event. We want EVERY White country represented with our White Genocide message on March 15th and it IS going to be a great turnout.

I would like some feedback on the stickers and flyers we would like produced. Currently this is what Renegade Broadcasting has:

Stickers –

Flyers –

Lastly, here is another fantastic report of the growing momentum from the Guys and Girls in Australia:

“Hey! Put this one up in broad daylight, we even got a few beeps. You can see the “I” starting to peel off in one of the shots. Next time we are going to use white tape, so letters won’t ever fall off due to wind or rain and it’s still cheap enough to produce a couple/month. This banner stayed up till around 11am. This is an 80km/hr zone, in peak traffic the cars were stopped.

Wrote into local political blogs, newspapers and TV stations…not one bite yet.”

Freeway Banner


We ARE Forcing the conversation on White Genocide!