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White Genocide is not a Theoretical Debate, It is a Criminal Charge

Adolf Eichmann was convicted in Israel for “Crimes Against Humanity,” a charge that Was invented in Israel and had never been used before.

Who decided where they took place: Nazi occupied Europe. He was not violating the law, he was carrying it out.

At the end of World War II, the saying “I was just following orders” became, for everybody from Goering down to a fourteen-year-old boy who had been ordered to police a concentration camp for the SS, became “No Defense.”

“I was just following orders” became the most discredited phrase in America.
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So BUGS is not theorizing or trying to win a debate with reasonable people.

And anti-whites are, in fact, using exactly the same tactics as any felon who is faced with charges he cannot deny. They shout insults, they say that those bringing the charges are stupid, mean and ugly.

You together see this behavior all the time when a criminal is caught dead to rights.

Pro-whites outside of BUGS begin by accepting the premise that anti-whites are just following orders. They blame aliens for pushing White Genocide.

Those who have overriding loyalties, like anti-white Jews, are as guilty of genocide as any Nazi who carried out his orders. But the minorities are NOT guilty of treason.

As I have repeatedly pointed out, the Tenth Circle, the Circle of Ice, the worst place in Hell, was specifically reserved for TRAITORS. No other crime comes close to Treason.

“I was just following orders” or “I was just doing what my professor told me” is not accepted by any decent person as an excuse.

If we are “arguing,” we are only “arguing” the Case for the Prosecution.