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Propaganda That Never Misses

Radix has a snob who is explaining propaganda to everybody. photo snob.png

He was also being a good toady to the anti-white bullies who ridiculed the White Man’s March.

In his wisdom, he said that the first rule of propaganda is that it “do no harm.”

The first rule of this hero of successful propaganda is that you shouldn’t say anything that might misfire!!

This is the motto of respectable conservatism:
Never say anything that may be misinterpreted by the New York Times!

As I keep pointing out, there is a giant difference about how one deals with people who are mistaken and those drooling idiocy.



This Day In History

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The X-Files

When I was in DC I was abducted by a UFO.

But they kicked me off when they found that I belonged to “One of the non-green races.”

There were nine seasons of the X-Files, and I have them all on DVD.

Fox Mulder is a working stiff who is trying to hit at the truth despite all the powers that be.

One basic truth about power is that no one above colonel ever comes up with anything. photo yesmin3.png

They’re not SUPPOSED to. The job of anyone above colonel (GS-15) is to ADMINSTER. His job is to filter the ideas of those below him in rank and of hired experts.

The top of government service is occupied by generals and their civilian equivalent, the Senior Executive Service.

But the big bucks are made by people who are neither military brass nor SES. If you need somebody who has to be paid big time, they are “on contract.” Salary and expenses wise, the sky is the limit on contract.

But Mulder is just a career Special Agent.

You have heard others who have “been there and done that” pointing and giggling at actors who are supposed to be doing what they did.

Not me. I sink down in my chair and my stomach tightens when the boss asks Mulder why the HELL he bought two tickets for him and Scully to Nebraska when he was supposed to be analyzing cow urine in South Dakota.

I had to put in by far my most important stuff as one-minute speeches or at the corners of my official work. I put “anti-white” into one speech for Ashbrook and the whole staff blew their stacks but John used it anyway.

Oddly enough, the wildly fictional X-Files is in some ways uniquely realistic to the very, very few people who have ever gone in for real power.


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“Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
“I love ya Tomorrow!
“You’re always
“A day
“A way!”

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Why What Works Doesn’t Work

At a convention Horus and I went to, we went to Dr. Duke’s table, we drooled at his beautiful Russian lady friend, and then sat with Dave at his computer. He showed us his thousands of references, talked about his hundreds of millions of listeners.

Dave showed us that his approach WORKS.

Direct mail had what works down to a science. A statistically valid test mailing can be made with only about 3,000 letters, so they could try every single variation out, from short paragraphs to long paragraphs. From short sentences to long sentences, even down to commas. photo duke_lorieden.jpg

Every single word and layout was a science, based on one thing:


I do not mean to compare David Duke to those professional conservatives. He is the real thing, a Comrade. But the point is that what WORKS is entirely a matter of what you are trying to accomplish.

Let me get to the obvious point:

What WORKS depends on your answer to the question, “What are you working ON?”

Show me the MONEY!

I deal in power.

The rules of money and fame are merely different, but the achievement of power directly violates all of the ways on getting money or fame.

Direct mail uses The Latest Thing. We constantly bring up, oh hell, let’s be frank, we shove down their throats a topic they never even heard of, and the last thing it is, is in the news.

Direct mail and Dave’s continued fame depend on stating what people want stated.

Real people, as opposed to us, want an Inevitable Victory, a chance to just plain bitch and complain.

What we do violates every rule of fame or fund raising.

Dave and SF deal in hundreds of thousands.

For us, hundreds would be nice.

I have always operated this way.

I have spent a lifetime getting the ideas in that changed the world.

By now, you should find that extravagant claim easy to understand, since you have been a part of this campaign.

Bob’s whole approach is very, VERY different.

Let me repeat what I have said before, and you should understand it better now:

“I don’t want fame, I don’t need money.”

“All I ask is to rule the world.”