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What and When

In a comment, Jason mentioned that (as I had predicted before it happened, by the way) blacks would get tired of electing whites who said they were black and finally demanding BLACK leaders.

I said this some time before Obama became a national figure.

When the debate changes, whites are likely to demand white leaders.

Another thing I have repeated here many, many times was that Mussolini very nearly missed the March on Rome that put him into power.

In real history, as with Mussolini, you see time after time that the people who keep demanding torchlight parades and instant action are the very ones who make it so routine that they MISS it when a REAL eruption takes place.

It is critical to know when the time is right, when the time may have come.

The problem is that in order to keep people interested and membership up, one has to keep saying that the time is COMING SOON!

Get out your torches, the Parade is about to begin!

After saying that thousands of times, Mussolini was caught totally by surprise when he demanded a March on Rome and the damned thing started without him!

No pro-white membership can afford to take the realistic position BUGS does.

Which is the reason BUGS is tiny and will stay tiny.

There is a progression in any successful movement which is attributed to at least a dozen famous men.

I forget all the steps, but it begins with 1) totally ignored, 2) ridiculed, 3) viciously attacked (note that attacks on BUGS have been very mild so far. Take it from one who knows how nasty they CAN get).

Steps 4) and so forth go on to the point where the point is accepted, or there is a revolution.

BUGS is just beginning step 2).

We glory in it when anybody makes fun of us. Other pro-whites are hurt by ridicule. photo eastereggs.jpg

One of our commenters promised to show us a clip from one of those leading Comedy Central leftist shows where one of their two big guys made fun of “White Genocide” Easter eggs!

I doubt seriously whether Jared Taylor would brag about being laughed at by anybody!

But Jared and Dr. Dave have big movements to keep going.

Like other historical leaders they must keep their people enthusiastic.

But there must be room made on the pro-white side for a tiny group of pros who violate the rules and keep track of What and When.

What works, and When we are REALLY likely to move towards power.




We have gone from Relativity for the whole universe down to String Theory for the submicroscopic.‏

We have gone from a century of envisioning space travel to sending our senses into space on machines.‏

In order to have more room for our bodies, we were going to have huge space colonies.

We now have the Matrix concept, putting our senses into a world without our bodies.‏

This is why our present search for extraterrestrials so unsuccessful: They are very unlikely to be here in any “ship.”‏

And there is the fact that the SST was abandoned. Civilian air travel speed has not gone up for half a century.‏

This all comes together in my mind.


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Never Take a Wordist’s Word

As with so many others my faith varies.

I have said many times that my Christianity always rested on what Jesus said it rested on, the Golden Rule.

My faith, or my lack of it, is not an excuse to avoid taking my own moral stand.

It is not Wordism.

Jesus said that the Golden Rule IS “the law and the prophets.”

I cannot hide from my own judgement and my own honor behind the Bible or any other book.

When BUGS began as a Southern Nationalist column in 1998, one of its big issues was keeping the Confederate flag on top of the SC State Capitol building. photo confedflag.jpg

In the end, it was the money people who took our flag down. The reason for this is now a joke.

The NAACP threatened a boycott of South Carolina if the flag was not taken down. This scared the businessmen, so they forced the Citadel to stop waving the Rebel Flag.

Then Bob Jones IV, for many years a top flag supporter, switched sides.

He quoted Saint Paul.

Actually that same quote from Paul had been in his Bible for over nineteen centuries before Bob Jones had begun his decades of support for that same flag.

But he was a good Wordist, so his word meant nothing. I can’t begin the count of “Christians” who have given me their word and then reneged on it and quoted some scripture.

From my decades of experience, I warned you about the people who are ready to take their toys and go home, TTGHs.

Each TTGH is a bomb set to go off in your movement.

Get RID of them!

Wordist “Christians,” “National Socialists” to whom ideological purity is holy, no Wordist will ever do FOR you what he can do AGAINST you.




When I was in professional politics, it was not the liberals who truly, personally hated me.

Those who really HATED me were the Nasty Little People, the NLP.

This came up a lot when we were going out and setting up press reviews for real populist uprisings, like anti-busing marches and protests against dirty school textbooks, the Independent Truckers’ Strike and on and on.

The grassrooters loved us.

But when a protest got to a certain level of publicity, their leaders realized that this was the first and last time they would be in the limelight. They must have decided we were going to take their movement from them.

No way we could or would do that, but they, these small-time, temporary leaders, were the ones who hated us with a sincerity Goebbels would have admired.

William Buckley and his protégés really hated me, though that is the LAAAHST thing Buckley would ever have admitted, even to himself.

His partner and life-long friend, who sat in an identical office on the top floor, was William Rusher, and I was HIS protégé. It made for a really unique civil war at National Review.

Rusher’s crowd produced a review of my first book, which had a Foreword by Rusher, that was titled, “Read This One!” photo finlandstation.jpg

Then Buckley’s crowd produced a front-page article attacking me called “To the Nashville Station,” comparing me to Lenin arriving at the Finland Station in 1917.

Then after the coalition of conservatives and “Wallace Democrats” I had advocated all that time won the 1980 landslide, it turned out the Buckley side had been for it all the time.

The Buckley crowd is now neoconservative, using the REAL definition of that word.

They are what they have always been, the opposition that those in power want.

They have found a way to make a living on the permanently losing side. They go to pieces when some Big Time Leftist says something nice about them.

I am getting some totally second-hand reports about how many AMPWs are going from looking down on us mere peasants to getting red-faced about the Mantra.

Like I said, I am getting this second-hand.

But it sure sounds very familiar.



Diversity Means Chasing Down the Last White Person

When one is dealing with pro-level BUGSERS, this title is the message.

But that title gives me the chance to say, once again, what a great feeling it is that there ARE pro-level BUGSERS now!

A few years back, in the Old Days, I would not have DARED to mention a line like that. I would have to make the whole Spiel about how you must NOT substitute that for the Mantra.

Then I would have to correct you, one at a time, when you would use the new line and go off tailgating with it.

Now I am not the only senior BUGSER in the world. Let me repeat for the umpteenth time that I am not just an old man, I am on DISABILITY.

PSYCHOLOGICAL disability. So when I am completely astounded by what I consider to be pro-BUGSER slipping JEWS—for God’s sake!—into what I cut and paste, you must make allowances.

I NEED you to be pros, now more than ever.

And you graduated just in time.

The SPLCs fund raising letter, signed by George McGovern, raising money to bring blacks, not into the United States, not into the Northwest, not even into the State of Idaho, but into NORTHERN Idaho, would have been front page news to a pro-white who belonged outside of a retarded home. photo lastwhite.jpg

But everybody I mentioned it to gave me the same slack-jawed drool they gave anything that wasn’t fifty years old.

The inventors of Teflon pale in comparison to the ability of pro-whites to slide off EFFECTIVE statements of any kind.

That is the perfect example of “Diversity Means Chasing Down the Last White Person.”

Finally I have some people who will probably understand it, even if a few try to get JEWS in there somewhere to tailgate with.