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Archeology Should Go to the Netherlands

Most of man kind’s prehistoric information is to be found in land which went under water in past millennia.

They never knew what happened to the people of Pompeii until some Mommy Professor genius FINALLY realized that the place the people would have run to would be a port.

But they didn’t find any bodies at the local port.

It took these geniuses generations to realize that in 69 AD the people would not have run to the modern ports, but to a port that was there in 69 BC. photo polder.jpg

Wow! And if we had Communism, these Intellectuals would plan the economy for us!

Anyway, once they finally located the 69 AD port, which is inland long since, they found the bones of the population of Pompeii which had run away from the pyroplastic flow.

So they keep looking for all prehistory in Egypt.

Half of the land area of the Netherlands consists of land which was under the ocean and has been created behind the dykes.

Some day some genius will become a Great Intellectual by making giant strides in prehistory by looking there.

Lordy, I wish wuz SMART like those guys!



We are not a Membership Group, We are not a Response Group

One commenter, bless him, actually TRIED using “chasing down whites.”

This is infinitely better than the old debates over debating theory we used to have.

He reported that “chasing down whites” used in action didn’t get any more “response.”

But my demand that we use “chasing down whites” more is not to get more responses. It is a matter of a feel for propaganda. photo alice.png

As I have said, the Mantra approach is a lot like trying to push toothpaste back into the tube.

As you push, anti-whites will naturally adapt to some shape they are used to.

The Mantra approach requires us to realize that they are doing that. They don’t know they are doing it, it is just their natural reaction.

They have toothpaste brains.

I had to write that long, 222-word Mantra in order to push them back on all points into the tube.

The Mantra attacked the end of the white race, but it also started with the point anti-whites are most afraid of:

So-called Diversity is for white countries and ONLY white countries.

So they naturally respond to Diversity=Genocide by going back to the old “racists are saving the white race” again.

The danger in using less than the whole Mantra, the reason I had to insist on it for so long, was that those who tried to boil it down got slack, and anti-whites naturally used one of the loopholes they are used to.

In this case, they are quoting “Diversity=White Genocide” and avoiding the point that this “diversity” is aimed ONLY at whites.

So I ask for the artillery to swing back on that point.

That’s what you still need a Coach for.

It is NOT to “get responses.”

You are leaving a hole open.

You have to learn to do this while your Coach is still around.