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Evolution Goes Pre-Insectoid

Posted by Bob on May 3rd, 2014 under Bob's Meanderings

Most of us even today have seen those Star Trek shows where they have people from the future who are a continuation of human evolution.

These Future People have huge brains and delicate, feminine bodies. photo fittest.jpg

But all of us who watched those shows were aware that the sort of evolution that produced our present big brains is out of date.

What has replaced the survival of the fittest of individuals and small groups has been survival of the fittest among institutions.

This is a bit creepy, because the institutions that are competing for survival have less self-awareness than any insect. We may wonder whether a worm is evolved enough to feel the hook being shoved through him, we watch ants recoiling from fire.

We do not wonder about institutions.

Space is full of the appearance and disappearance of heavenly bodies.

The ones that got into orbit are now planets, with the same self-awareness that any rock has.

On earth the same mindless evolution gives me the creeps.

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