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They Screwed It Up!

I pointed out that we need to avoid terms, like “save the white race,” that allow anti-whites to remind people of the Old Days.

There was surprise at that.

I was there, I was drafting speeches, when the Great Educated Spokesmen of the South screwed up the truth so completely that we can’t be associated with them now.

Southerners knew: 1) that the world was overwhelmingly non-white, 2) that only a racist mentality kept the third world from overwhelming the white world. photo dixiecrats.png

To change our racial attitudes would be suicide.

But not one single spokesman the dombasses paid to represent them would accept a speech with the simple truth in it.

When I drafted a speech that put those two simple facts into plain English, they would tell me that it was the integrationists who called attention to the world’s non-white majority. So we couldn’t say that.

They were too Educated, too Sophisticated, too Subtle to bring it up.

Like so many of today’s AMPWs — anti-Mantra pro-whites — their entire dialogue was devoted to REACTING to what the anti-whites said.

They never told the truths everyone sees now and a lot of people would have seen then.

What those Great Spokesmen said then what such a mishmash of reactions and idiotic “Shrewdness” that they are STILL a laughing stock.

And today’s Jews and News AMPW reactors are following the exact same path.