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Posted by Bob on May 25th, 2014 under History, How Things Work, Religion

There is a Trappist monastery in South Carolina. It is famous down here in such a Bible Belt state.

That Trappist monastery has been here for generations.

It is located in Monck’s Corner, South Carolina.

This has always caused a certain confusion. Monck’s Corner is not named for the monks at the Monastery.

On the contrary, General/Admiral Monck was a fanatical Cromwellian, anti-Catholic to his bones.

But the Trappists are a symbol of something the Catholic Church has outgrown and we must all outgrow.

No longer do the Trappists whip themselves, starve themselves, and all the rest. It is no longer allowed.

If the Catholic Church can reject all that crap about God loves it when you torture yourself, anyone ought to.

It is time we outgrew the idea that God is a great excuse for self-hatred and for treason.

Governor Beasly tried that kind of blasphemy, and we destroyed his political career.

To repeat, in November 1998 Beasley won the governorship, and even our opponents admitted his win was the result of getting the “Confererate flag vote.”

But he wanted to be the vice presidential nominee in 2000, so he had to switch from his sworn support of the Rebel banner on top of the State House. And he had to do it as long as possible before the 2000 Convention.

So in December 1998, the most convenient time possible, he announced that GOD had told him to switch sides. photo beasley.png

I was the only person to call him a blasphemer publicly, but he never won another office in the state.

Today those who betray us routinely use that Good Old Fashioned Blasphemy.

Puritan or Catholic, our Traditional Values have included the idea that if we suffer, it makes God happy.

And that, boys and girls, is exactly the place from which racial self-hatred grows.

The pope has outgrown it, even the Calvinists have outgrown it.

A guy who worked under me on Capitol Hill had been pro-white, but he went for that “The Orthodox Church” fad, and said he had decided to sacrifice the white race to it.

Ever since Constantinople, the Orthodox Church has had the Emperor or head of state as its “supreme bishop.” Real Orthodox Churches are Greek or Romanian or Russian for a REASON.

This cult has guys growing beatnik beards to look like like Eastern priests and claim to be the truest of all the billion Only True Faiths.

This guy asked me if I wouldn’t “abandon your racism” in the Name of Christ.

I replied with six words: “I do not believe in human sacrifice.”

And I do not commit blasphemy.

  1. #1 by shari on 05/25/2014 - 6:34 pm

    I don’t believe in human sacrifice either. Something is going on with religion as we know it.

    • #2 by jo3w on 05/26/2014 - 9:38 am

      “Something is going on with religion as we know it”.
      Specifically the Christian Church is acting like a membership organization.

  2. #3 by Scott on 05/26/2014 - 12:01 am

    I come from a Christian pro Zionist family. I believe that these people are the hardest to reach. They believe that God is coming back in what Judea-Christians call “the Rapture”. Penetrating their apathy and lack of social responsibility is the most difficult thing. I would love to hear recommendations from anyone on this subject.

    I have had some luck using the Bible itself, but I have more extensive knowledge of it then the average individual. I know that we should be using mantra type thinking, which is why I am asking for help with this subject, but the little success I have had, is in pointing out that an apathetic attitude is immoral. That no one knows the time or the place when God will return, and that he left us here as stewards of the earth.

    If anyone has a shorter, mantra style quote for people who say , why does it matter, God is coming soon. This has all been prophesied,” I would love to hear it.

    I find that the people who have been the most open to our message are the conservatives, but I find that most of them also have this apathetic attitude. I like the “I don’t believe in human sacrifices” if anyone else base any other suggestions, I would love to hear them.

  3. #4 by AnotherOne on 05/26/2014 - 12:07 am

    Blasphemy is Treason. Are you pro-White? Or are you anti-White?

  4. #5 by Henry Davenport on 05/26/2014 - 2:40 am

    I turned down an ice cream cone once in Mexico, and the Mexican lady I was with said to me, “God wants us to enjoy ourselves.”

    I recognized it as a sentiment I had never heard before.

    Puritan or Catholic, our Traditional Values have included the idea that if we suffer, it makes God happy.

    And that, boys and girls, is exactly the place from which racial self-hatred grows.

    So true.

    Would this be a useful line sometimes?

    God wants you to love your race!

    • #6 by -backbaygrouch- on 05/26/2014 - 4:24 am

      Perhaps: Accepting God’s Plan is Loving Your Race; or, To Love Your Race is to Accept God’s Plan.

    • #7 by Jason on 05/26/2014 - 9:20 am

      I think pointing out the crimes the Anti-Whites are committing and saying God wouldn’t be for them, might be more effective.

      God isn’t for White Genocide. God isn’t Anti-White. Something like that. Stress the crimes they are committing.

      I’m not saying make it a Mini or a Petition, but I think it can be a good comeback to those who say “God doesn’t see race or color” as a way to justify White Genocide.

  5. #8 by Fellow Aussie on 05/26/2014 - 8:20 am

    In the Australian bush. Bush medical remedies have to hurt as proof that they are working.

    The best cures always require urine or kerosine because they stings the most.

    I wonder if this is related to the old religious teachings?

    We now have to sacrifice our people and race to be morally superior.

    Diversity in All and Only white countries only gets rid of white children.

    Diversity is a code word for White Genocide

  6. #9 by Daniel Genseric on 05/26/2014 - 10:34 am

    Are you honestly saying that the Son of Man sacrificed himself on the cross for white genocide?

    • #10 by Jason on 05/26/2014 - 10:56 am

      Sean Hannity thinks so. Or is it Bill O’Reilly?

    • #12 by Cleric_Preston on 05/30/2014 - 6:23 pm

      Who told you Jesus commanded ‘blending humanity’ in every White country, and ONLY White countries, around 1965 ?

  7. #13 by Henry Davenport on 05/26/2014 - 11:19 am

    @ Jason and Genseric: huge improvements over my silly suggestion! 🙂

  8. #14 by Tom Bowie on 05/26/2014 - 9:09 pm

    Thessalonians 5:21: “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.”
    Hosea 4:6a says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

    What Will You Be Doing When Jesus Comes; White Genocide?

  9. #15 by Scott on 05/26/2014 - 9:40 pm

    I forgot Hosea!!! OMG!!! Thats great! Love it. Thanks Tom Bowie!
    Thank you everyone for all the ideas!!! Should be a major help.

  10. #16 by Yankee Rebel on 05/26/2014 - 11:41 pm

    Anyone that says, “God told me…” is either insane or a liar/ blasphemer. Some of the most evil acts in the world committed by humans have been done by people who alleged that some “god” told them to do it.

  11. #17 by WmWhite on 05/27/2014 - 12:36 am

    “Aren’t they both practicing Catholics …”

    The Fundamentalist Christian Churches, invented during the restoration movement in America, are just as bad.

    I went to a service this Sunday run by a Christian cult that calls itself the ‘Church of Christ.’ They believe its blasphemy to play musical instruments during the service and refer to themselves as the only true followers of Christ –everybody else is going to hell.

    The congregation had several mixed-race-married couples (black men and white woman), which got me into a conversation with an older WW2 veteran, and deacon of the church.

    During the conversation he said (and this surprised the hell out of me), “–integration was nothing but a way to give black men access to white woman.” I added it was a tactic to get rid of white people because it produced ‘zero’ white children.

    Then he told me the preachers beautiful blonde daughter was one of the race mixed couples and the congregation pretty much accepted that kind of behavior; he ended by saying 50-yrs ago no church member or (white) preacher would have put up with that kind of nonsense.

    I told him, ‘he and I were probably the only ones here today against white genocide.’ He kind of nodded and walked off (whether he understood the reality of ‘white genocide’ I don’t know), but later as I looked around at the congregation, I realized ‘again’ what a long uphill battle we have in-store for us.

    • #18 by Denounce Genocidists on 05/27/2014 - 7:08 am

      You could have picked a better example.

      “The congregation had several mixed-race-married couples”

      So after decades of genocidal anti-white programming only the captured preacher`s daughter and a handful of others are destroying their race.

      Yet another fail for the anti-whites.

      • #19 by WmWhite on 05/28/2014 - 11:46 am

        You need to read the Mantra a couple more times amigo.

        In the meantime a few facts to go with your odd conception that only the preacher’s daughter got caught.

        US Census data of [white with non-white] inter-marriages:

        1960 –50,000
        1980 –122,000
        1990 –211,000
        2000 –363,000
        2010 –558,000 (or 15% of all marriages in the USA, and expected to INCREASE)
        *(numbers and percentages are approximations)

        It’s not the anti-whites who are failing, so don’t get complacent.

        Also, you might want to commit this to memory:
        “Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., INTERMARRY, with all those non-whites.”

        = = = =

        Chasing Down whites and forcing them to assimilate and INTERMARRY is White Genocide.

        = = =
        aside: my initial post was about how the churches Traditional values had changed, and become anti-white.

    • #20 by Jason on 05/27/2014 - 8:44 am

      We have to head off the move to Traditional Values uber alles. If the Anti-Whites have to, they will be happy to indulge some “conservative” values if they can keep the mass immigration and forced integration going.

    • #21 by Jason on 05/28/2014 - 11:53 am

      Interesting story. And sad. I think it is good point out to Church members what is happening like you did. Most are damn complacent about what is going on in their own house of worship.

  12. #22 by Henry Davenport on 05/27/2014 - 11:24 am

    Puritan or Catholic, our Traditional Values have included the idea that if we suffer, it makes God happy.

    For the secular White left, it’s become, “If we suffer, it makes the world a better place.”

    • #23 by Jason on 05/27/2014 - 11:28 am

      Good point, you can see this in the current style of the Environmental movement (Man is bad and needs to return to nature – by “Man” they mean White Man).

      The Left, at least the cultural Left, isn’t a fan off space travel, science or technology. Anything that Man (the White Man) uses to help us escape misery.

      • #24 by Henry Davenport on 05/27/2014 - 11:47 am

        And like other religions, the Left has the magic formula to turn “bad man” into “good man.”

        Anything to avoid the psychic pain of living in the real world.

        I’ve built up a a tolerance for my enforced daily dose of this crap living here in Berkeley, but this weekend was an overdose. My brain is going to be vomiting for a few days.

        • #25 by Henry Davenport on 05/27/2014 - 1:40 pm

          But I’d rather deal with Berkeleyans than with Stormfronters. I understand Berkeleyans, but not Stormfronters. Apparently most are just apathetic consumers of the drug called “Stormfront.”

          Maybe the self-hatred that’s the subject of this blog is part of SF’ers feelings that they can do nothing. They talk of White pride, but most of them have none that I can see.

          I’ll stop venting about Stormfronters when 1000 of them have become Stalwarts, because that’s how many Stalwarts we need to have 1/4 to 1/3 of all the messages displayed on the White House site at any time be STOP WHITE GENOCIDE messages.

          We have almost 200 Stalwarts now. Actually about 250 if I count the “auxiliary” force that also responds to reminders on the first of the month.

          Anyone here who hasn’t contacted me about my other little side project regarding the petitions, please do…I need to invite you to spare me literally just one or two ridiculously easy minutes each month, and only on the months you wish to. Seriously, it involves almost nothing, but if enough of you will check it out and possibly help me it will relieve me of a considerable burden.

          • #26 by wretchedWhiterabbit on 05/27/2014 - 3:12 pm

            HD, you should invite people (stalwarts, etc) to use the workgroup here. I think you can send mass messages to anyone who joins your group. It may make things a bit easier for you.

            • #27 by Henry Davenport on 05/27/2014 - 4:54 pm

              Thanks, I’ve been knowing that’s what I should do and I’ve been dreading it since I’m a computerphobe and I don’t even have the faintest idea of how to begin. If anyone feels like taking me by the hand right now and guiding me, I’m ready. Otherwise I’ll gather my strength and consult with Sys Op when she’s available.

              • #28 by Mike M on 05/28/2014 - 3:22 am

                Send me an e-mail HD, about your side project, I’m in !

                • #29 by Henry Davenport on 05/28/2014 - 10:01 am

                  Thanks Mike M, I sent you an email, but the project I’m referring to is one you’re already a part of! Thanks for that! 😀

                  Thanks also to another BUGSter who has joined us!

  13. #30 by -Gar5- on 05/27/2014 - 3:00 pm

    BOB – Someone suggested that every Swarmer should try linking to at the bottom of the mantra or mini-mantras.

    I’m a fan of the idea, but I also know we are not here to recruit people.

    • #31 by Henry Davenport on 05/27/2014 - 4:38 pm

      It wouldn’t be about recruiting (the 1000 to 4000 people who read the news articles at WGP every day don’t volunteer to be Stalwarts!), it would be about drawing Whites to where they will get Mantra, Mantra, Mantra principally in the form of news articles.

      I saw the suggestion too and I’ve been thinking that it would be an excellent experiment for as many swarmers as want to do it.

      I think it would have other effects, since to a reader, there’s a big difference between reading messages from who knows where and reading the same messages that include a link to a website. I’m foggy on what the differences would be, but the effects good and bad would likely become clearer as the experiment progressed.

      I don’t know what state the new site is in, but at some point it would be good to alternate with that one, since linking that site that’s going to be more for activists will accustom White readers to the strange and alien phenomenon of activism…let them be exposed to a site where activism is presented as the NORM.

  14. #32 by Undercover Lover on 05/28/2014 - 10:21 am

    HD, what’s this side project you’re going on about?

    • #33 by Henry Davenport on 05/28/2014 - 12:39 pm

      Can you get my email address from someone? In a pinch, send an email to Sys Op to forward to me.

      Is anyone here who has my email address able to send it to Undercover Lover?

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