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The Magic Clock

Some time ago a big advertising magazine had a lead article, “Objections to intermarriage in 2014?”

Like any magazine editor, it expressed shock that mere consumers would dare object to a Quaker Oats (?) ad featuring a mulatto child going from his white mother to his black dad.

The first irony here is what ADVERTISING is all about.

Advertising is supposed to be the science of KNOWING public opinion, not of JUDGING it.

Like any other big magazine, this publication hired an editor from the pool of carbon copies produced by the magazine bureaucracy.

But in advertising, astonishment at real public attitudes is not a mistake of the public, but of the advertising industry.

Advertisers are hired to KNOW public opinion, not to be astonished by it.  photo quakeroats.jpg

Let me explain this further: The magazine editor bureaucracy produces editors who tell the public what it SHOULD think.

Advertising is about what the public DOES think.

So the carbon copy editor did not come up through the advertising industry.

In real advertising, the question is “What do people prefer?” not “In the Year 2014 on the Magic Clock, this is what the public SHOULD think.”

No editor, least of all in advertising, would hire ugly models. Models for ads are not representative of the public. No matter how often you repeat, “Real people don’t look like that,” there is no way this side of Hell that advertisers are going to hire fat, ugly models.

To most White people, the kid looks like every other mulatto.

In real world advertising, you don’t tell people that ugly is lovely. That is fine for mainline magazines.

But in the real world real consumers don’t LIKE ugly. Period.



They Screwed It Up!

I pointed out that we need to avoid terms, like “save the white race,” that allow anti-whites to remind people of the Old Days.

There was surprise at that.

I was there, I was drafting speeches, when the Great Educated Spokesmen of the South screwed up the truth so completely that we can’t be associated with them now.

Southerners knew: 1) that the world was overwhelmingly non-white, 2) that only a racist mentality kept the third world from overwhelming the white world. photo dixiecrats.png

To change our racial attitudes would be suicide.

But not one single spokesman the dombasses paid to represent them would accept a speech with the simple truth in it.

When I drafted a speech that put those two simple facts into plain English, they would tell me that it was the integrationists who called attention to the world’s non-white majority. So we couldn’t say that.

They were too Educated, too Sophisticated, too Subtle to bring it up.

Like so many of today’s AMPWs — anti-Mantra pro-whites — their entire dialogue was devoted to REACTING to what the anti-whites said.

They never told the truths everyone sees now and a lot of people would have seen then.

What those Great Spokesmen said then what such a mishmash of reactions and idiotic “Shrewdness” that they are STILL a laughing stock.

And today’s Jews and News AMPW reactors are following the exact same path.



Evolution Goes Pre-Insectoid

Most of us even today have seen those Star Trek shows where they have people from the future who are a continuation of human evolution.

These Future People have huge brains and delicate, feminine bodies. photo fittest.jpg

But all of us who watched those shows were aware that the sort of evolution that produced our present big brains is out of date.

What has replaced the survival of the fittest of individuals and small groups has been survival of the fittest among institutions.

This is a bit creepy, because the institutions that are competing for survival have less self-awareness than any insect. We may wonder whether a worm is evolved enough to feel the hook being shoved through him, we watch ants recoiling from fire.

We do not wonder about institutions.

Space is full of the appearance and disappearance of heavenly bodies.

The ones that got into orbit are now planets, with the same self-awareness that any rock has.

On earth the same mindless evolution gives me the creeps.


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From Chained Books to Data Deluge

I have talked about The Era of Chained Books repeatedly in these pages.

As with other things I repeat, there’s a reason. photo chain-1.png

In the fifteenth century a wealthy College at Oxford would have maybe twenty hand-copied books and a full-time Librarian. The books were very costly, and were chained to the wall.

Education consisted of being able to quote books in the Greek or Latin it was written in.

The few who found access to the Words were taught the Classical Languages, how to read them.

And they learned to quote the Words. There their work ended.

In the Google Age, that is where intellectual work must BEGIN.

“Intellectuals” belong to the Age of Chained Books, and Mommy Professor still lives in that age.

Whatever Momy Professor might be, the last thing he is is an intellectual.

Today’s intellectual is a sleuth, an interrogator.

His job is not to collect information, but to sift the truth out of the deluge.



Archeology Should Go to the Netherlands

Most of man kind’s prehistoric information is to be found in land which went under water in past millennia.

They never knew what happened to the people of Pompeii until some Mommy Professor genius FINALLY realized that the place the people would have run to would be a port.

But they didn’t find any bodies at the local port.

It took these geniuses generations to realize that in 69 AD the people would not have run to the modern ports, but to a port that was there in 69 BC. photo polder.jpg

Wow! And if we had Communism, these Intellectuals would plan the economy for us!

Anyway, once they finally located the 69 AD port, which is inland long since, they found the bones of the population of Pompeii which had run away from the pyroplastic flow.

So they keep looking for all prehistory in Egypt.

Half of the land area of the Netherlands consists of land which was under the ocean and has been created behind the dykes.

Some day some genius will become a Great Intellectual by making giant strides in prehistory by looking there.

Lordy, I wish wuz SMART like those guys!