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How to Differ With the Good Guys

I used HD’s comment as our latest article because it was an actual, honest-to-God ARTICLE.

Each of the people who takes the helm for me here at BUGS soon learns what the above sentence means. They deal with a number of people who do regular, self-motivated, disciplined work on their own, i.e., actual BUGSERS. So soon they begin to talk with BUGSERS about BUGSERS possible articles to take the pressure off Ole Bob.

Why does this so seldom work out?

Writing is simply DIFFERENT from debating on the net or commenting.

That is the reason I have so often mentioned talking with people who say, “I cannot understand it. I can talk about a concept perfectly, but I can’t write it down the way I want it.”

My reply was, “Can you fix a TV set (or now, a computer)?”

They reply, “Of course not,” while they quietly ruminate if I have at last lost the few marbles that remain to me.

I then try to explain to them that professional-level writing is like professional-level anything else: You don’t just DO it, you LEARN it.

Writing is no more talking on paper than portrait-painting is just doodling more carefully.

When I see a comment that amounts to an article, which is very, very seldom, I use it here if I can. photo protocols.jpg

HD’s article was a very, very thoughtful critique of one of our very few heroes, David Duke.

I was more interested in the thinking and writing involved and how HD handled it than in what it says about Dr. Dave himself.

This writing reflects something BUGSERS have developed that I am very proud of: The very practical Art of Disagreement.

Our big advantage in this is that we are NOT Wordists.

With Wordists, disagreement has to turn into enmity because you judge a person entirely by what WORDS he is loyal to.

A person who will give his life for a set of words simply cannot be truly loyal to anyone who disagrees about the WORDS.

Our disagreements with Dr. Duke involve a matter of technique, not of loyalties.

All those millions of Only True Faiths that make up Wordism lead to the Religious Wars, Marxist dictatorships, theocratic despotisms, and wars that on a scale no national or racial interests could ever be considered sane.

Wordists say that, “If everybody would just agree on my One True Faith, and STAY agreed, we would have World Peace.”

My answer to that is thoroughly redneck and absolutely true: “If a bullfrog had wings he wouldn’t bump his butt every time he jumps.”

Dave said flatly that the Mantra does not WORK. HD and I disagree strongly.

But to pro-whites this is a matter of TECHNIQUE. We take it seriously, but we can debate it and keep our full respect for the one genuine celebrity pro-whites have.