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Diversity = White Genocide = Self-Hatred = SICK!!!

In his reply to the article below, Jason says:

“Bob, I’m going to suggest you go ahead with advanced classes in political math and forget about those of us who trip up along the way. It’s more important to get the advanced material out to those who can handle it. In fact, trying to make sure the slowest guy in the class gets it before you go forward to the next lesson will never work.”

The greatest flattery is imitation. The best way I know to show you appreciate good advice is to follow it.

So, I have expanded our equation from Diversity = White Genocide to add = Self-Hatred = SICK!!

In his reply to the last article, Genseric points out:

“Bob, the momentum from the last three or four years has been stymied. The fact is, the sheer quantity of mantra media impressions is down, way down. We were averaging somewhere between 3-4 million per annum, in the U.S. alone.”

Solid advice from Jason and solid stats from Genseric! photo self-hatred1.jpg

It all adds up to this: Is this the time for us to CAREFULLY expand our message?

We have spent YEARS learning what that CAREFULLY means.

Repeat: CAREFULLY. Let us keep the gains we have made — My God!!

THREE MILLION repeats in the US alone, each year, by what can hardly even be called a handful of us!

The Seminar is over.

Advanced math has been demanded.

The expanded equation attacks two underlying sub-messages anti-whites keep sending out.

The first is that they are Idealistic, because they are whites who hate whites.

The second is that whites hating themselves is somehow Modern and Progressive.

The fact is that self-hatred is a sickness. This self-hatred is at the basis of our increasingly sick society.

Secondly, equally important, there is absolutely nothing Modern or Progressive about it. Even the admittedly — and proudly — SLOWLY changing Catholic theology has rejected the sick old concept of men whipping and torturing themselves to somehow please God.

There is certainly nothing progressive or Modern about self-hatred. It is as old as Western Christianity, and as sick as the Inquisition.

What do you think, BUGSERS?

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