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For the Record

Posted by Bob on October 6th, 2014 under Bob's Meanderings

My boss, Congressman John Ashbrook, died in 1982, having been consistently healthy till then, in April. He died of an ailment that is classic among anybody in or near Intelligence. John was a former member of the famous HUAC, Ranking Member of its successor, the House Special Committee on Intelligence.

We were flown out to his funeral in Johnstown, Ohio.  It was not known to the press, but his body was not in the coffin. The police were still examining it.

Ashbrook stopped the establishment of a Martin Luther King, Jr. National Holiday for fourteen years after King was shot. The new holiday passed the House a month after John’s death and was signed into law the first time it came up after John’s death in April of  1983.  photo coincidence.jpg

John and his three far-right colleagues in the House held the whole place up by denying unanimous consent. One of the four of them were in the House all day to deny consent whenever they were waging this particular war.

John’s three colleagues in this were McDonald of Georgia, Bauman of Maryland, and Dornan of California.

John died suspiciously in 1982.

On September 4, 1983, regular airline Flight KAL007 went unaccountably into Soviet air space and was shot down. All passengers were killed, including Congressman Larry McDonald.

Bauman lost his career in a unique incident.  The press outed him as a homosexual. This was at the height of Gay Lib, and this was almost unique.

Bob Dornan, who was Ronald Reagan’s congressman from California and who won Emmys before his election to Congress, was the only survivor of this wreck.

PLEASE do not start any comment with the insulting, “What you are saying is…”

I am a professional writer and I have said what I have to say. If these coincidences had occurred with any congressmen on the left, it would have caused all sorts of conspiracy theories in the press.

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