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A Prize Example

James Dewey Watson, aged 34, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his pioneering work discovering DNA. For 45 years thereafter he was feted. His opinions were sought out. In 2007 he died to polite society. He told the truth and was banished.

Today at 86 he seeks to reenter the public arena. He is selling his Nobel medal to raise funds. Sadly he is also, to some degeree, groveling. His crime was noting that the intelligence levels between races is not exactly equal. In an interview in 2007 he pointed out that Europeans were more intelligence by and large than subSaharan Africans.

At this point he became an unhuman, unacknowledged and shunned. One would almost think he had posted the Mantra so great was the calumny heped upon his aged frame. Yesterday he announced that he had been foolish, foolish to speak the Truth.

Giving a man an award for being intelligent and then demanding that he be cobblestone skulled stupid thereafter is silly. Yet nearly all recipients of such awards are content to cash the checks and buckle under.

These celebrated achievers may be clever about this or that but they are not men. Such Nobelists are lower than the meanest medieval peasant in England who had the right to deny the king or his agents the right of entrance to his home without cause. Their minds are the common property of their overlords. They are uneducated of liberty and servile by habit.  photo nominate.jpg

They are evidence that the burst of Liberty occasioned by the events from 1776 through 1787 in America has withered, grown sere, atrophied and finally hardened into chains. This is what we here are reacting to.

James Watson has faltered in his commitment to Truth unique to our heritage. He did not owe anyone the apologies he has uttered. The deity Caesar, surrounded by base acolytes, has been offered a sacrifice. It may not be accepted. His loneliness may continue. Political Correctness is not merciful.

BUGSERS are not often, face it, never, nominated for Nobel Prizes in any field. We’re not even officers. We are grunts slogging along to make some of the same points that James Watson has been ostracized for making. One of them is the reality of White Genocide.

His interview asserting the White race has some unique characteristics implied that these were worthy of being preserved. Verboten thoughts. For this high crime and misdemeanor a bitter pill has been forced upon Watson.

Sometimes in their lives BUGSERS too will be hard pressed for their loyalty to their race. Be of stout heart. Post the Mantra today in solidarity with James Watson in his time of solitude.

One hopes that after James Watson replenishes his purse his courage will regenerate and that his remaining years can be devoted to his earlier, high ideals arrayed in candor. His weapon is science, ours, the Mantra. Both when wielded are powerful. Though he has understandably strayed a bit, fortitude is probably in his genes, and they are our genes. Let us wish him well and bestow upon him the privilege of having the Mantra posted in his honor.

Newbies, kindly click on the Mantra and learn what we are all about. Membership is open. There are no dues. A bit of work is solicited. There are no tangible rewards other than the preservation of your family, your community and your race.



Any Real Truth Can Handle Reality

In my article and talk about the lack of a GENETICAL morality in Christianity, I repeated at least half a dozen times that nobody, not even the snake handling preachers in the mountains will still insist that everything in Genesis is true.

This is not making fun of the Bible itself. In the Bible Belt, it simply meant that we must take into account errors in literal, worldly truths.

Even the Flat Earth Society is a joke. Genesis was understood as demanding a flat earth, and that the earth is the center of the universe.  photo stars.jpg

It just ain’t so. But an engineering family in the Bible Belt didn’t burn its holy books because of it. So if we finally just admit that the world did not come to an end when the New Testament repeatedly said it would, and every Christian had to believe it, it is simply something stated that was wrong, like the geocentric universe.

The reason I bring this up is because this is certainly not a problem limited to the Bible. I have written dozens of times about the horrible errors in medicine that killed Lord knows how many people.

But if one contradicted Galen at Oxford before 1700, the University Thought Police would fine him. It is amazing how often people were accused of heresy because they contradicted a pagan like Aristotle, because the Pope had used a quote from one of the ancient Greeks in his decisions.

In Renaissance Universities, it was very difficult to tell whether you were supposed to be contradicting Scripture or a philosopher.

We have inherited this problem.

It was a psychological shock for Europe when Newton came along because every single hallowed conjecture about the composition of the universe, Greek or Hebrew, was superseded. All the glass universes with stars in them set up to surround earth by ALL the ancients just disappeared.

It is said that the Catholic Church was so exhausted from denouncing Newton and Copernicus that it left fighting Evolution to the Protestants.

The establishment today is not any different from the old one.

Political Correctness fights as hard for its Old Religion as any Inquisitor ever did.

The fact is that, in the real world, skin color IS everything. Like the Medieval Church Political Correctness fights a simple reality.

I do not know WHY this reality exists any more than Greek philosophers actually knew how you could get all those stars up there without a stage set up in the sky.




Mommy Professor says that the key to a great future is education and sterility.

This has been tried in India and Tibet.

As I said before, India was taken over by the Brahman Caste as it transitioned from White to colored. The Sanskrit word for “caste” is “color.”

Now New Agers, following Mommy Professor’s path, go to India to find the Wisdom of the Gurus, who are the very picture of brown India in their towels and diapers.  photo buddhasgirl.png

And, like the American college campus, Tibet’s emphasis on Education is wiping out the supply of potential students. The teachers are monks who become monks simply by donning the robe – like our judges and academics, these guys seem to be wild about wearing dresses.

Yuppies have only one or two children – PC says none – because each child requires a giant sum of money to feed Mommy Professors, or “get a college education.”

Tibet’s monks are self-sterilized, like Medieval monks. They call themselves Buddhists. Like any other any sect they consider themselves The Only True Buddhists.

Gautama Buddha himself made a major point of the fact he had one child, a girl.

I repeat, the Buddha himself made a POINT of having a daughter.

Knowing politics as I do, I think Buddha emphasized that child for a reason.

In the struggle between Brahman (Mommy Professors) and Tschatria (the old warrior ruling class) the blue-eyed Brahman was probably denounced for being sterile. So Buddha made a major point of NOT being without issue.

I can think of no other reason he would emphasized his daughter so much.

In Tibet, of course, sterility is the Only True Faith. The place has been depopulated by the army of monk-teachers, and the Chinese are moving in.

“History is made by those who show up for it.”



Man Bites Dog, White Kills Black

A commenter posted a URL for a Michael Savage YT that condemned the media for not reporting the torture-murder of a White couple by four blacks. A Professor of Journalism who justified leaving the story out of ALL the MSM and local newspapers avoided the issue.

The professor’s reply was rather lengthy, but Savage, even as outraged as he was, couldn’t avoid the true justification for leaving this murder out of the news. The Professor didn’t dare mention it and Savage (for all his famous “courage”) didn’t dare ask Mommy Professor about it.  photo manbitesdog.jpg

It is the oldest rule of journalism. It was probably old when Roman government scribes wrote the latest happenings up on a wall in Rome.

That old rule is, “When a dog bites a man it is NOT news. When a man bites a dog it IS news.”

As usual, this rule that everybody knows is not mentioned anywhere but BUGS:

The Professor is dead right. Only his BS explanation is nonsense, and Savage at his most furious is not going to expose it:

If a full news report was required every time a dog bit a man, there wouldn’t be room left for any other news. If a news report was required every time one more black killed one or more Whites, even the twenty-four hour cable news channels would be overloaded.

This is the kind of reality only BUGSERS will even MENTION.



Peak Water

Many paid Experts are wailing about the coming “peak oil catastrophe” again. Their socioeconomic concerns are many. “We won’t have gas to drive 20+ miles to work. Lawn mowers will run dry and yards will become unkempt. Food will cease to arrive at the local mega store.” But that is nothing when you consider the global picture and ALL natural resources.

Oil is a natural resource that people have lived without for extended periods of time. Water is not. Never in the history of this planet has man gone without water and survived to tell about it.  photo water.jpg

Predictions and instances of Diversity indices soaring around the Great Lakes region abound. Chicago, IL, Gary, IN, Detroit, MI, Cleveland, OH, Philadelphia, New York, the ENTIRE megalopolis, and the Mississippi river valley, are all working on fixing – you guessed it – a Diversity Problem.

When is the last time you heard serious discussion about how, “Nevada has a Diversity Problem”? You never hear that because it is the driest state in America. It cannot support “Diversity” long term. How do we estimate that Michigan ended up at the top of the Diversity leader board? It is the wettest state and surrounded by fresh water on five sides.

We now hear that The North Shore and Green Bay, WI have a “Diversity Problem”, and anti-whites say it is a huge one. Sixty percent of the human body is composed of water. That little fact applies to anti-whites and non-whites alike. This concept has not escaped anti-white Prophets (for profit) like Timothy Jacob Wise and “Doctor” Eddie Moore Junior. They have set their sights on the likes of Duluth, the iron range’s capital and home port of the largest body of fresh water on the planet.

Absolutely 100% of “Diversity” initiatives require control of fresh water resources in order to sustain third world population growth and decimate white populations. So, I have a prediction of my own:

I predict that, within my lifetime, landowner riparian rights (or “rights to water”) will be reallocated as an inalienable HUMAN right.

War is waged to win natural resources, especially water and women.

The war on whites (aka White Genocide) is no different.