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Starting With Reality

The reality is that a brown-skinned society means a place of poverty.

An Oriental society takes white inventions and matches them, then becomes stuck at that level.

To see why the world growth rate is flattening out, look at its COLOR.

The Renaissance is a destructive myth.

Real advances in Europe began when, for example, the very existence of air resulted in using the existence of air to hold two teams of horses together.   Absolutely nobody has ever been able to attribute THAT to some Greek philosopher, and damned few people are aware of that breakthrough.

Opposing teams of horses were hitched by putting two metal disks together and then pumping all of the air out of them.   Nothing held them but air pressure.

This was about the time of Newton.   Newton did the same thing with gravity.   No Greek philosopher had ever NOTICED gravity, just as they never noticed air.

I am still developing the concept of SUBBASICS, but the discovery and existence of AIR and GRAVITY are the sort of things only whites have a talent for.

A fellow student of mine at the University of Virginia was taking his PhD in economics.   He was largely libertarian with some Southern sympathies thrown in.    I converted him to his lifelong pro-white stance.

I  pointed out to him that very Nobel Prize won by Orientals was won for CONTINUING on a subject.  Only whites BEGAN new subject was a 100% rule.   His expertise was way out of my league,  but he studied this statement in detail, expecting exceptions.

We were both astonished when he discovered this was a 100% rule, at least as of the sixties.

You can imagine how impossible it would be to make such a search and analysis now.  photo airweight.jpg

I start with reality.  The chairman of the professors’ organization recently was an outright Marxist.   He quotes Marx as saying “Truth is a bourgeois concept.”

Nobody else started out with basic reality.   Those genius Arabs who got swept away by windstorms never imagines that Air might have WEIGHT!    A million years of lifting never led any non-white to analyze, or even recognize, GRAVITY.

Years ago, I quoted the Chief Physician to Louis XIV when he denounced the idea, which we now consider new, that syphilis was a bacterial disease.   Not only was the bacterial concept not discovered centuries later, but he quoted a long list of medical writers, all of them German, who wrote extensively on the Germ Theory of Disease.

Not one of those writers is quoted today.

He denounced them because they “cited no Authority,” meaning no Galen or some old Greek.     That sort of thinking killed millions.

Bacterial disease was, like air and gravity, a SUBBASIC.

There are big animals and animals we can barely see.   So a natural assumption, IN THE WHITE WORLD, would be that there are even smaller animals.

If air can blow you away in a wind storm, air must obviously WEIGH something.

We have been overcoming gravity for a billion years.    But nobody used it to explain things until Newton.

Occam’s Razor is the essence of white thinking.   But all white education  before Newton led into the endlessly blind alley of Scholasticism.

The color of the skin is the reality.    Vacuum is a reality.   Gravity is a reality.

You can deny them and quote Confucius and Galen.

Or you can start with reality.



Will They Ever Reply?

Dear Mr. *****,

Please allow this letter to serve as the attempt to resolve a right to a Free Speech for Whites complaint at the lowest level that it obviously is.

In your email letter from December 8, you refused to allow us to use the slogan “Diversity Means Chasing Down Whites” as well as our website, Your staff rejected the slogan as “non-factual” and our website address as “offensive.” Having been a congressional staffer myself I am hoping your people will have the pride to actually ANSWER the question we keep putting to those who denounce us, but which is NEVER answered:

When has anybody ever mentioned that liberal “diversity” has been proposed as a solution to the problem of, literally, “too many whites”?  photo lamar.jpg

The SPLC did a fund-raising letter some time ago signed by former senator George McGovern, asking for funds to move non-whites into Northern Idaho! Recently, the claim has been remade that the University of Minnesota in Duluth has a “Diversity Problem.” The solution proposed for solving this problem was, you guessed it, to remove Whites and create more seats for NON-whites, students and faculty alike.

In the real world “diversity” is NEVER used for anything except making White areas less White. If the entire establishment freely uses the term “diversity,” why can we not declare that diversity is a code word and/or that “Diversity” means “chasing down whites”?

We all know the danger to our rights of the “slippery slope.”

In 2012, Lamar Advertising allowed Unfair Campaign to proudly display “It’s hard to see Racism when you’re White.”

Is it really Lamar’s position that this opinion is any more factual or less offensive?

In the interest of “fairness,” it would seem especially important for those in the advertising industry to beware of accepting such obvious and false limitations on language.

No explanation to us today may well mean a ruinous lack of explanation to you in future.


Robert W. Whitaker

This letter was sent December 17th, 2014.



Merry Christmas!

To the almost disappearingly tiny group that is determining the future of the world.



The King of TTGHs

From January to December, 1936, Edward VIII was King of England.

He was openly and totally pro-Hitler.

His ambition was to get Germany a means to attack the USSR directly.

Edward VIII gave up his crown to marry Mrs. Simpson, a divorced woman who was working on her second divorce. As head of the Church of England, he had to give up his crown.

Hitler said that, if he had been warned and could get to the King, he might have prevented the abdication.

Edward VIII went to Germany to celebrate his marriage! He was that openly pro-Hitler!

In his demoted position as Royal Duke, Edward was sent to work in Paris, but removed because he was so pro-German! During the Blitz, he wrote letters to Berlin supporting the Blitz, because, as is true, Britain started open civilian bombing.

The King still had enormous powers. Staying out of politics is entirely voluntary. No declaration of war could have been effected without the monarch’s signature. The House of Lords gave us its right to block legislation, like war, because the King had announced in the early 1830’s that, if they tried it, the King would appoint peers to give the democratic ones the majority. photo edwardviii.jpg

And in 1939, the peers were overwhelmingly opposed to war.

Pat Buchanan wrote a book about how insane the British September of 1939 declaration of war against Germany was.

Without that declaration, Germany would have expended its energies against Russia. Germany would have won, but their dumbass Napoleonic strategy would have taken war out of fashion and the Lebensraum would have been won.

Britain would have returned a long way toward monarchy and the European Empires would have remained. The United States would still be largely isolationist outside of the Monroe Doctrine, and Britain and Germany would jointly rule the world.

We would have gone after our Communists here and in South America.

But King Edward wanted his way. He wanted to defy all those who would limit him.

In the end, his decision was TTGH. If he wasn’t allowed to do what he wanted, he would Take His Toys and Go Home in the name of Romance.

TTGH: As a Matter of Principle – or Romance – we will have our own way and the cause be damned.



Keep Shooting

One of my themes is that no war hero in all of history ever made the slightest difference in a real war.

In my day, at least, basic training contained no lessons about how your particular weapon fit into the General Picture, the Strategic Picture, of the war being waged and guided at the level of national strategy.

All wars have been won or lost on the basis of a very, very, VERY simple strategy: Everybody shoots at the enemy.

You wouldn’t be under fire and say, “Well, why should I shoot unless I understand how my particular weapon fits into the General Strategy?”

I personally saved the Hubble Telescope in 1977 when the Carter priority was defunding the space program. In the political wars, how did it happen that I was shooting in that direction?

I knew that our race could be saved by space colonization, BUT ONLY IF PRESERVING THE WHITE RACE WAS MADE AN ACCEPTABLE SUBJECT OF DISCUSSION AFTERWARDS. So I made contacts in the space colonization/science fiction constituency.

I personally stopped a ruling by the IRS to dictate racial quotas for each PRIVATE school. One writer in the New Right Papers pointed to this action as the active beginning of the New Right which elected Reagan.  photo pournelle.jpg

For the moment, space colonization is considered passe. But getting the “Reagan Democrats” into the 1980 election was a direct result of the New Right, and it brought down the USSR.

I was a major obstacle to the attempt by “Pro-Life” groups to outlaw in vitro fertilization, which has since led to births of tens of thousands of White children WANTED by Whites who wanted to have children. I risked my job by telling my boss on Capitol Hill that I could not work for that, which is something you only tell your boss once on the Hill.

I think he refused to support it, despite his heavy dependence on Pro-Life for support, because of my political instincts. And, an odd thing to mention in the context of Capitol Hill, on my morality in risking my job to take that stand.

Now here is the second half of this article:

Can you imagine trying to explain these interconnections on Stormfront?

What in the HELL did saving the space telescope have to do with JEWS?

I would have had to devote more time to EXPLAINING my actions than I spent SAVING the damned thing!

People who raise money were also flummoxed by what I spent my time and nerves on.

So far I have been on the losing side with space colonization. To use this to save my race would require a COMBINATION of space colonization and legitimization of the discussion of White survival.

Bringing down the USSR not only required a combination of the Reagan Democrats with Republican conservative voters, but it also required the Reagan Administration to expose the true primitive state of the Soviet Union, which would require the thinking up of a whole program which would do that.

That last part would require a separate article to explain it.

Jerry Pournelle came up with Star Wars and put it directly in Reagan’s lap.

In a last desperate move, the USSR demanded a Nuclear Freeze and the entire political left came out demanding it. Among other things, Teddy Kennedy was reported by the CIA as meeting with Soviet agents in South America to STOP SDI, which HE labelled Star Wars.

I was essential to these things in ways that are impossible to explain, just as you will never see Pournelle connected with the Star Wars strategy.

Which bullet will win the war?

What will the war lead to?

Ask THAT question in the middle of a firefight and you will be lucky if your sergeant does not shoot YOU, but just fill out papers for this nutcase to be hospitalized under the old Section Eight.

The things I did were not the result of Anti-Communist Strategic discussions. Those happened at conservative lunches while we did the jobs ON THE FRONT.

Cut the crap and JUST SHOOT!

Audio Bob