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Dog Bites Man Is Not A Story

During the past week a young White man was shot dead in the back by Black youth. The circumstances are such that the police and district attorney have robustly described the murder as a ‘hate crime’. This largely unreported killing took place in Lockport,NY, an 87% White suburb of Buffalo. Josiah J. Chandler, 18, has been charged.

The Buffalo News City & Region – “Lockport police won’t release witness statement in supposed hate crime

There is an ongoing investigation so the police are constrained from releasing details. But they are fully confident that the elements of a hate crime have been met.

In the meantime the local media has given it minimal coverage. The national media could not care less. The alleged perpetrator has been identified and generic photograph, not a booking photo, has been run. It is not unflattering.. A search of Google Images indicates that no news media has considered the dead victim worthy of having his image provided.  photo colton6.png

His Facebook page has many selfies, not always presenting the most favorable behavior. The lad appears to be part of that segment of society no one gives a bloody damn about. non college Whites. There is bravado, a forced celebration of petty vices, vulgarity and a profound sense of being adrift. So many of our young are at sea, in need a life line tossed to them. Congress does not target expenditures for them and the administration does not care. One political party hates them with undisguised malice and the other wishes they would go away. It can be lonely when you are young and White. And many a Primrose Path beckons.

My early life was not wart free. Was yours? In the words of the most profound moral philosopher of the modern age, George W. Bush: “When I was young and foolish, I was foolish”.

The lopsided allocation of public resources is an important part of the agenda of White Genocide. It is enhanced by the media’s Silence on the issue. When hate crimes against Whites are given short shrift we are less. There are not going to be any looted liquor stores to memorialize this youth’s passing. If such were attempted the police would not be ordered to stand down as they were in Ferguson, MO, by their race traitor political overlords.

So here is a BUGSER exclusive, a picture of Colton Baker-Durst.

At BUGS we care for our own.

Please do not let him lie in his grave alone. Lend him a hand as be reaches that far shore of the River Styx. Post the Mantra today. It is a small token acknowledging his humanity and a sword for our people,

Every day there are crimes like this, crimes growing out of the irrational Racist hatred of Whites, belittled by our hostile elite, a class with many varied members. Here at BUGS we are focused on confronting that. Our weapon is the Mantra. Our goal is the preservation of our families, communities and our Race.

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