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The Life of Politics

I hope your experience with BUGS has also brought you to a realistic view of politics.

I believe the ancient Greeks said, “politics is life.”

The greatest scare of my life was when I was sitting in the African bush and group of baboons suddenly came up behind me. They do not look cute at three feet.

Baboons have teeth that are perfect to rip a person apart.

In fact, the general realization that I got from that experience – after changing some articles of clothing – was how utterly harmless humans look.

I was comparatively dangerous, for a man. I had an automatic weapon. But not only did I forget it, but later I envisioned what would have happened to me if I had used it. What I did was to freeze in place and act like I wasn’t there. They had no interest in me. If they had run into another baboon on their land, they would have torn him to pieces.

A shot from my weapon and a wounded scream from one of them – and the smell of blood, would have made them take me apart.  photo tarzan2.jpg

Incredible as it seems now, Mommy Professor only came to understand animal politics shortly before I was surrounded, though anyone out in the bush back then would know better.

The Darwinist understanding of animals, which was ruthlessly taught as Gospel for a century, was that “nature, red in blood and jaw,” was a war made up entirely of individuals. As the hippies were still saying when I got my Baboon Shock, “Only humans have borders.”

That idea would have killed me.

As usual, you will find out about this insane crap only here. Mommy Professor instantly forgets his own errors. Otherwise we would see him for what he is. But right through the sixties, the official doctrine was that only man had organized societies with definite territorial borders. They would not only SAY that, they would ENFORCE that.

I wish to heaven it had been a Mommy Professor who sat there with those baboons going by.

They didn’t even SEE me. They were looking for baboons and I was looking for humans, for much the same reason.